Partner FAQ: 5 most frequent questions partners ask about Resco

This summer, the Resco team attended Microsoft’s largest conference dedicated to their partner ecosystem – Microsoft Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas with over 17,000 attendees. Together with Microsoft Business Applications Summit in Seattle, it was once again a great opportunity to meet and catch up with our partners, Microsoft reps and influencers within the Business Applications practice.
As the title of this blog post suggests, we had plenty of questions from our partners about business mobility, so here is an excerpt of those we heard most often:
What’s new in Resco’s offering since last year?
The most common question has the most comprehensive answer – because there’s a lot! Though we usually mention mainly the highlights:

  • The customization tool for Resco Mobile CRM, Woodford, is now web-based! You can already try out the HTML Beta version.
  • New app features such as global search, merge dialog & the ability to preview offline changes before synchronizing with the CRM, newly added legally binding electronic signatures (Universign and DocuSign support), the ability to create new records directly from the map view, improved form and list view navigation and controls, aggregate map pins, built-in image editor, in-app chart configurator, and many others
  • New products: Inspections, Route Planner, City Smart Services
  • And the biggest achievement that just hit the door: Gartner lists Resco in Magic Quadrant for Mobile App Development Platforms

How can I make use of Resco as a platform for mobile app development? How will it benefit my business?
Simple: Create a fully customized mobile solution using Resco’s mobile technology, either to integrate with another backend than Dynamics 365/CRM and Salesforce (e.g. Dynamics AX, NAV, Oracle, SAP, or any other business system) or to create a vertical solution for a specific industry.
Many companies see the implementation of mobile solutions as a necessary step towards successful digital transformation and mobility has become a standard nowadays. With this new technological challenge, system integrators are expected to provide expertise also on the integration of mobility and develop specialist know-how to meet the changing needs of IT departments and organizations.
Therefore, adding support for business mobile solutions and related services to the portfolio has become essential. System integrators need to deploy a mobile strategy that will allow them to implement mobile business applications, and create customized apps – and that’s where Resco platform comes in. On top of Resco’s platform you can build your own solution. It enables you to reduce the costs per solution and at the same time free up resources for other, new projects. Furthermore, specialization boosts growth – you can attract customers by focusing on differentiation and demonstrating that you have the right resources and capabilities for implementing mobile solutions to help with specific customer business challenges.
What are the benefits of a partnership with Resco?
Resco offers a reliable, secure, and stable platform with full offline and vast customization possibilities for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM and Salesforce. But not only that, Resco is now a powerful mobile app dev platform that you can integrate with other enterprise systems too. The benefits of partnership include not only having the most advanced mobile business solution in your offering, but you’ll also get:

  • 15 enterprise licenses for internal testing and development purposes
  • Tiered commission structure based on sales performance
  • Comprehensive onboarding process
  • Listing on the Resco Partner website & other marketing opportunities (newsletters, social media, events, etc.)
  • Free support

Where do I get the latest release information on Resco Mobile CRM?
You can find a complete overview of new features and capabilities from each major Resco Mobile CRM update (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) in a press release published in the Newsroom section of our website at the time of the new version’s release.
And to be always one step ahead, you can also become a member of our Beta testing program. Resco partners and customers who express their interest in testing the new version of the application before it goes live will automatically receive a Resco Mobile CRM beta ahead of every new release. It’s not really testing in the traditional sense (for that, we have our own testing department), but rather testing of very specific set of actions relevant for your business scenario so we can avoid any potential troubles a new update might cause to you. This is particularly beneficial for those who have a very heavy customization in place or peculiar settings on the server-side. Simply put, the testing program will help you identify a problem before it becomes one.
Where can I find more information about billing and pricing?
You can find the details pricing and licensing at the Pricing section of our website.
In case you have any questions regarding billing and pricing please contact your Resco account manager. Or drop us a line at  and we will promptly answer your inquiries.

Perfect opportunity to learn all you need to know? 2018!

If you want to find out all there is about Resco’s partner channel, products, and future plans from both technical and business perspective make sure to join us on 15th – 16th November in Prague for 2018 – our premier educational event focusing on all things business mobility. With key figures from Resco’s development, support, sales, product and marketing team available, you can get the answers to all your questions in one place.
And now, you can get your conference pass as part of our special early bird offer. Better hurry though, this offer is valid only for three more days, until September 8.

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