More details in a fraction of time with Resco Inspections’ Autumn Update

Going through a comprehensive inspection process, requires time and focus.
Luckily, with the latest Inspections update, field staff can not only complete the inspections faster, but also provide more details and context to the back office. Ultimately helping to speed up any issue resolution and boosting the client satisfaction and loyalty.
Take an insurance claims adjuster as an example. Inspecting a damaged car, he first checks several mandatory parameters and then continues with a detailed inspection.
The new Tagged Image feature can be used to highlight any damage on the vehicle. Crashed front hood? The adjuster can simply snap a picture of the car, highlight the damage, drag & drop tags with questions into the image, and fill them out to provide comprehensive details to the back office – including a visual evidence of the issue.
With the ability to reuse answers from previous questionnaires, the adjuster can now have part of the questionnaire pre-filled during repeated inspections. E.g. information such as the clients address, contact details, insurance contract number can be already filled out based on the previous visit.
To boost productivity even further, Resco Inspections is also coming to smartwatches as part of the Autumn update. So the adjuster, or any other field professional, can quickly complete inspection forms from their wrist, even utilizing voice control for a completely hands-free experience.
Resco Inspections Autumn Update will be introduced in full detail on 24-25 October at 2019, complete with hands-on technical and business sessions, and a special, conference-exclusive surprise. Make sure to register and join us in Rome, where we’ll also celebrate Resco’s 20th anniversary together.
You can find the technical overview of all features from Resco’s Autumn Update 2019 here.
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