Let the AI do the work in Resco’s Autumn Update

Why focus on mundane activities, when your app can take care of them for you?
Resco’s Autumn Update extends the Mobile Business Apps Platform with functionality that improves the efficiency of both mobile users and system admins of Resco solutions.
For the very first time, mobile projects can utilize artificial intelligence capabilities. Be it the standard Resco mobile client, Resco Inspections or Routes apps, each of them can leverage the brand-new AI Image Recognition powered by Azure Custom Vision. Your app can now use image recognition instead of search or barcodes. More complex scenarios are also possible by utilizing image recognition in form rules.
Consider an ordinary visit to a long-time customer. To see detailed information about a product the customer purchased in the past, the sales rep can simply take a picture of the item. The Resco app will quickly find the associated product record in the database. The rep doesn’t need to scroll through an endless product list or type in complicated product names or codes. Instead, armed with the latest product info he can insightfully answer any questions, and easily demonstrate the advantages of the product’s newer specification to the customer.
And we’ve only scratched the surface. Now, when you’re using Resco Cloud as your backend, you can create new field or entity on the system directly from Woodford – no need to switch between applications. With new project item categories, admins can bring structure and clarity even to complex mobile projects. And there’s lot more.
Resco’s Mobile Business Apps Platform Autumn Update will be introduced in full detail on 24-25 October at resco.next 2019, complete with hands-on technical and business sessions, and a unique, conference-exclusive surprise. Make sure to register and join us in Rome, where we’ll also celebrate Resco’s 20th anniversary together.
You can find the overview of features from Resco’s Autumn Update 2019 here.
Haven’t tried the Mobile Business Apps Platform yet? Start your free 30-day trial today at www.resco.net/products/mobile-business-apps-platform/.

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