Let’s outsmart COVID-19 together

We have found ourselves in an unprecedented situation. And Resco would like to give a hand to everyone who’s doing their best to fight COVID-19 – whether providing services that keep us safe or handling essential jobs thanks to which all of us can stay connected.
Today more than ever, it is crucial that those at the front lines can efficiently perform tasks, collect important data, and carry out activities necessary to stop the coronavirus from spreading further. As we navigate this new reality, we also want to let you know that we’re thinking about you – our partners, customers, prospects – and have prepared several specific measures.
We hope that these can at least partially help those of you facing the pandemic in the first lines and tackle some of the current health-related challenges:

  • Resco Inspections will offer a free COVID-19 Health Check template. The form enables users to easily self-check and evaluate whether they exhibit symptoms that are commonly related to the infection. And if that is the case, it can offer also further instructions on necessary actions.
  • Inspections will also incorporate a Facemask Self-Check. We have created an AI image recognition model that enables users to confirm with a photo whether they are wearing a facemask or not, before they can proceed with the job. This can be especially useful in helping to ensure the necessary sanitary measures among workers who still need to work in the field, even in the current situation.
  • We have also prepared a free volunteer management and coordination solution running on Resco Cloud, available upon request and ready to adapt to your own needs. Numerous public organizations and NGOs, now more than ever, utilize the help of additional staff. Resco’s solution can help to manage and distribute information to volunteers and temporary workforce who have been called upon amid these extraordinary events.

Please stay tuned as more details on how you can activate these in your mobile projects are coming very shortly, or ask us directly at mobilecrm@resco.net.
Last but not least: We fully support both partners and customers taking on new and continuing with ongoing projects. With this approach your business won’t freeze still and you’ll able to take advantage of new opportunities coming later in the year, when the situation has stabilized . After all, there are only so many resources you can devote to various projects at one particular time. And finishing up postponed projects while focusing on new deals and business endeavors can get rather tricky. We must keep working today, to stay ahead tomorrow.
But whether you’re a partner, customer or a prospect – if you face any uncertainties or complications related to the current situation, don’t hesitate to contact your Resco Account Manager, or drop us a line at mobilecrm@resco.net. Let us know how we can help you. These are trying times, but we’ re all facing them together.
P.S.:  In just a few days, you can learn how technology can help to overcome the biggest issues and hindrances companies with field teams are facing during the coronavirus pandemic – simply join our free webinar on April 8. You can review the webinar agenda and sign up here.

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