Get better access to Adxstudio via the Resco Mobile CRM app

Adxstudio, a Microsoft’s subsidiary, provides web portal and application lifecycle solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, SharePoint and .NET platforms.
The most known product of Adxstudio are Adxstudio Portals. They provide an interactive web-based platform for sales, service, support and social engagement. Adxstudio platform contains many features for customers to use while building their own portal. These features are fully managed and tracked within Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.
Some of the community features are forums, blogs, event management tools, support tools or feedback gathering tools.
Portals focused on e-commerce can use many commercial features such as product catalogs, shopping Cart or an interface for online payments and payment processing.
Besides these two big groups of features, Adxstudio provides also features for Opportunity Management and Government Features.
Overall, Adxstudio Portals are a great platform with an exciting potential. But we all know that using web interfaces while developing anything can be a pain. It’s definitely not ideal. That’s why we have integrated a support for ADX hash into our Resco Mobile app platform.
Resco Mobile CRM users don’t need to go through the web interface, there’s a much better option for them now – they can log in through their own custom app.
This provides them with easier navigation, better interface and functionality that they can design and customize to suit their exact needs.
Note: To learn more about customizing your Resco Mobile app, check out this comprehensive GUIDE.
In the end, to log into the CRM via Adxstudio platform in their custom app, users need to know their:

  • Server Alias
  • Username (for Adxstudio)
  • Password (for Adxstudio)

All it takes is to enter these 3 things while logging in as an external user and you should be able to access CRM via external application with Adxstudio credentials. Simple as that.

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