From stage to attendees: Smartwatches take over 2019

At, we’ve talked a lot about innovation and wearables for business. And as we introduced our Industry Watch initiative, we wanted to give every attendee the opportunity to experience it hands-on.
That’s why, right after the Keynote, every attendee received their own smartwatch with a pre-installed 2019 watch application.
What did it actually do?
After putting on the watch, the app enabled attendees to track their activities throughout the conference. Utilizing the local Bluetooth beacons, the watch app automatically detected in which of the three session rooms the person was. Based on the event agenda, it then measured how much time he/she spent on a session taking place in the room.
When people changed their location (e.g., left a session to stretch their legs and get some refreshments in the lobby), the watch noticed it, vibrated briefly, and switched the activity from a specific session to “Break & Networking”. In this mode, users could also tap dedicated counters to keep track of how many coffees they had, how many times they stepped outside for a smoke, or how many people they talked to.
The app also counted the number of steps, so at the end of both days, attendees had a detailed overview of how they spent their time at 2019 in Rome. They could see the sessions they attended and the time spent on each, review how long they’ve been on breaks and their activities during those breaks, plus the distance walked at the conference.
rescoNEXT_day1_087 2019 is now over, but you can already pre-register for the 2020 edition and be the first to get notified when official registration opens
Curious about the Industry Watch initiative? Read more about it here or ask us at – our goal is to involve as many partners and customers as possible, and together evaluate various use case scenarios.

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