Entering a new era: 4 new products unveiled at resco.next 2017


Last month at resco.next in Amsterdam we started a new era for Resco. Before the conference we were known to our partners and customers as a provider of Mobile Sales and Field Service solutions with native integration with leading CRM backends such as Microsoft Dynamics. This situation is going to change significantly and we are sure that it will positively influence our whole ecosystem. During the keynote at resco.next 2017 we announced four brand new products that are being developed on top of our successful and proven technology – all of them focused on mobility, where we feel Resco is a strong global player.
Making Resco technology available on Microsoft Azure gives us a platform to provide business solutions that go beyond CRM even as standalone products. And today we’re bringing you an overview of the new solutions revealed just a few days back in Amsterdam.


Over the years many partners and customers have approached us with a following scenario: A team of field workers need an app that would enable them to simply fill out electronic surveys and questionnaires – whether for staff to complete customer surveys in-store, technicians going through checks of complex machinery, or for insurance agents that assess the severity of damage after a flood…
As an answer we came up with Inspections. Available both as a web and mobile app, the purpose of this product is to streamline and enhance the process of on-site customer visits for mobile workers. It incorporates our Route planning, Maps, Calendar and a brand new module called Survey.
Surveys help to guide mobile users through the actual job with a series of questions or activities which they have to complete. With our data-driven Survey designer, skilled team leaders or managers can continuously design and improve work processes even without CRM admnistrator access rights – creating new surveys/questionnaires that help to guide your staff. Supervisors can then also plan tasks for the field staff and monitor their progress.
The field workers can use the dedicated mobile client to navigate to client location, complete the a job guided by a survey, and leverage the built-in reporting and business intelligence capabilities – view the results in various types of charts and even export the results and send a clear-cut reports straight from the app.
When will it be available: Q1 2018

Route planner

Route planner is going to be a sophisticated tool allowing team leaders to plan the most efficient routes for their sales reps, service technicians and other mobile professionals, based on their scheduled visits.
In addition to that, the new route planning monitor will combine users’ route data so that team supervisors can work with geographic and time information to see what their teams have planned out.
Managers can re-view the daily routes and which parts the reps/technicians have already completed. They will also have additional information on traffic and weather at disposal, since that can affect the users’ status as well. And importantly, the mangers can display not only the current status of  their staff, but also see how each team member moved in space and time – utilizing the new time shifter option they can replay the mobile users’ past routes and visualize their expected future positions based on the planned route. The Route planner will be conveniently integrated with major CRM systems such as MS Dynamics.
When will it be available: H1 2018

Mobile business application development tool

When it comes to Resco’s competition, the usual suspects are mostly other mobile CRM solutions – Microsoft’s MoCA, Salesforce1, and apps from Oracle or SAP. Yet, Resco is much more than a mobile CRM client.
Although all our current end customers use Resco as a platform for mobile access to their CRM backed systems, they all are running a customized app with lot of custom entities, UI, and processes. Combining JavaScript & HTML5, maps & navigation, auditing, advanced security or a possibility to create even consumer apps, we see it as a platform you can further build upon – also in scenarios that are quite out of CRM standards and integrations with non-CRM backends.
With the demand for cross-platform business apps rapidly growing, Resco partners and customers will be able to take advantage of Resco Cloud and design apps which are easy to customize, maintain and integrate with third-party business solutions. Running it in the cloud enables businesses, governments, non-profits, or any other organization to cut expenses tied with maintaining networking infrastructures. So they can maximize their cloud investments and realize the benefits of speed, agility, and lower costs, while creating tailor-made apps even for one-of-a-kind business scenarios.
When will it be available: Q1 2018

City Smart Services

Built on Resco Cloud technology, City Smart Services facilitates the resolution of everyday problems affecting residents’ lives. For citizens, it brings effortless reporting and a complete overview of the resolution process. To municipalities it gives full control over the reports so they can solve issues in a faster, cost-effective way.
The product combines a cloud-based scheduling system for municipality officials with two integrated mobile applications – one for city residents to report various issues occurring in public areas; the other for city’s contractors and technicians to receive and document the service jobs. To reduce the time needed for deployment, City Smart Services is a complete, ready-made solution. However, partners and customers can also easily extend it to other field service scenarios: With all the designs, schemas, and source codes available as a starting point, partners can learn from this solution and modify it easily. You can add custom entities, create unique workflows, alter the user interface design and more – delivering field service solutions across an array of sectors and industries.
And now, the first 20 municipalities which decide to deploy City Smart Services will receive the product free of charge!
When will it be available: Available now at citiysmartservices.resco.net

Ask us to find out more

If you’d like to learn more about these new products shoot as an e-mail at mobilecrm@resco.net or join us at join us at the American edition of the resco.next conference  in Atlanta on 14th-15th March 2018.