Check out the newest brochure and learn why Resco Mobile CRM for Salesforce is a good idea


We wanted you to understand better why thousands of companies love working with mobility and why they chose Resco. So we created a brochure that unveils things you can do with Salesforce on your phone and tablet you didn’t even know of.

Who is this brochure for?

This brochure will be beneficial mainly for people within the Salesforce ecosystem, namely:

  • Everyone looking for a solution that brings Salesforce to the phone and tablet
  • Existing Salesforce customers and partners
  • Salesforce consultants who want to extend their knowledge in the area of mobility

What questions does the brochure answer?

  • Why do over 2,000 corporations and 100,000+ sales & field service users rely on Resco?
  • What do they have to say about mobility playing a big role within their company operations?
  • & more

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