How to connect Resco to Salesforce
How to connect Resco to Salesforce

Visit the Administration portal

Resco’s administration portal helps you set up everything necessary to connect Resco tools with your existing Salesforce environment.

Log into Resco with the same credentials you use for your Salesforce organization.
Here, you will see the Admin tips introducing new features to make your teams on-the-go mobility gurus.

This is what the portal looks like:

Now, follow the Welcome guide or steps below to successfully set up your Salesforce org with Resco.

Download & Run the app

  1. Click on ‘Download Apps’, choose on what device you will use the app by selecting the right operating system.
  2. Run the app and select ‘Internal User’ on the ‘Welcome to Resco Mobile CRM’
  3. Hit the ‘Scan QR‘ button or scan the QR code in the Welcome guide. Alternatively, you can sign in with ‘OAuth2‘ User Mode, enter your organization URL, or for production and for a sandbox org.
  4. Create a new password to protect your offline data and begin the sync process.

  1. Input your Salesforce credentials to log in.
  2. Confirm by tapping ‘Allow’.

The application will now start synchronizing data from your Salesforce organization with your device.

Once complete, you will be able to see and work with your Salesforce data, whether you are offline or online.

Note: If you have trouble logging in, please check out the FAQs

Explore further

Install managed package

  1. If you have the entire Inspection-related functionality within your app, go to Resco’s AppExchange listing.
  2. Click on ‘Get it now’ to install the latest version of Resco Managed Package to start creating Questionnaires using the Resco Inspections Lightning App.

Note: All inspection custom objects will be enabled & available in your Salesforce org. If you cannot see them, click on the ‘Update Metadata’ button in the App projects section of Woodford.

Note: It is recommended to connect Resco with Salesforce using the Administration Portal, but it is also possible to do it from the mobile app.

Tailor the app with the Woodford configurator

The app you downloaded has a default setup, where you can test the default templates. It can be easily tailored with plenty of customization & setup options so that you can create new projects from scratch. Woodford allows you to modify the entire look and feel of the app, evaluate & visualize data sent back by field users, and more.

Other tools that allow for further setup are the Sync Dashboard and Mobile Report Editor.

Create new customization from a predefined template

When you open Woodford, click on the ‘New’ icon in the upper left corner to create a new mobile project.

Note: If you are using Woodford for the first time, remember that, even though Resco uses the same terminology as Salesforce, there are minor differences. Salesforce Object equals Entity and Salesforce User Profile is a User Role in Woodford/Resco.

Select a template for your mobile project. Choose from Mobile Sales, Inspections, or Field Service scenario. The templates for other scenarios will become available soon. In the meantime, feel free to contact us for more information on your scenario at

Give your project an appropriate name and a priority (any number higher than other existing projects). Choose a Role (=Profile in Salesforce) that will define a user’s permission to perform different functions within Salesforce and hit OK.

Note: Use the profile called Default Project Role to make the customization available for all profiles. The mobile application will automatically hide the objects and fields not available for profiles that don’t have access to them.

Now you can see your new project is on the list among all mobile projects created within this organization. You are all set to start customizing right after you open the project and Publish it.

Enable Resco Inspections in your Salesforce organization

Note: If you want the Questionnaires captured by your users in the field to be stored in Salesforce (and not in Resco Cloud as it is by default), the Inspections mobile project requires one more additional step to be done.

Now Publish the project (as explained above), synchronize the Resco app and enjoy a full offline mobile experience, whether you are an inspector, sales rep, or a field technician.

If you require any assistance, you can reach out to us at

Note: If you have trouble logging in, please check out the FAQs.