Beyond field service: Inspections across various industries & enterprises

When creating Resco Inspections, we’ve been inspired by use cases reaching even beyond traditional field service scenarios. Looking at our customer portfolio, we’ve realized there are quite a few companies who already utilize Resco’s mobile platform for use cases that could be categorized as inspections.

Below, you’ll find several scenarios from these existing customers who are using solutions built on Resco technology. Could these use cases be enhanced further with Resco Inspections?


Property maintenance

Enterprise Inns is the UK’s largest pub company. It rents out pubs to aspiring publicans, so they don’t need to purchase a freehold for a site. Each pub is run by its own publican, employing local people and supporting local suppliers.

The company’s mobile workforce consists of operations and property maintenance teams. Both use Resco’s mobile client for Dynamics CRM for different purposes. When property maintenance team members visit the pubs, they check on the buildings and equipment condition. Enterprise Inns have created a surveying records for the app that the team uses during property inspections, to ensure everything is in order. With

Resco Inspections, designing unique questionnaires with custom logic is even easier. And it doesn’t even require system admin privileges – even a tech-savvy manager can set up one-of-a-kind questionnaire forms.


Customer service quality control

As part of its continuous quality assurance program, Maxol carries out service quality reviews at their gas stations throughout the year. Field sales managers traditionally carried out these inspections. However, the company felt the need to get opinions from a more diverse population. The decision was made to engage more staff as well as a mystery shopping firm.

Initially completed on paper and then via a client-server Windows application, Maxol decided to move to Resco, which has been also utilized by their sales team. They needed to allow access to a small subset of data to specific users – the external service quality control inspectors.

In Resco Inspections this can be efficiently handled via the drag-n-drop Scheduler. It enables to assign questionnaires to users based on specific criteria, making sure everyone works only with relevant questionnaires.

Heavy-duty machinery checks in extreme conditions

With offshore wind turbine farms in Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind has fast expanded from 250 to 2200+ employees. Hundreds of them are technicians, handling the maintenance of turbines. Hence, efficient servicing of the growing number of turbines has become a pressing need for the company.

Service teams often work in exceptionally challenging conditions. In case of MHI Vestas, the turbines are at sea, where you can’t rely on stable Wi-Fi or other network connectivity. Because of the physical requirements of climbing into an actual turbine, the technicians must be truly mobile as well.

There’s no room to operate a laptop. And you can’t go through sheets of paper while hanging on the ropes and trying to repair a blade either. But with Resco Inspections app running on iOS, Android and Windows, users can complete inspections on any mobile device suitable for the job. Online or offline.

Workorders for detailed insights

Blueknight Energy Partners needed a workorder system for their mechanics, which would provide real time information on work progress to the back office. Blueknight’s mechanics use Resco to record information about parts, tyres, and the hours of labor it takes to complete a repair.

At the end they take pictures confirming that the work has been completed and certify it with a signature.  They upload the information to the company system, so it can be instantly reviewed by the back office.

With Resco Inspections’ Analyst tool, the information collected by the field teams will be not only synchronized to the back office. It can be then viewed and evaluated in detail. Managers can review statistics and insights for an individual question as well as entire questionnaires. Complete with configurable dashboards and custom reports based on collected data for thorough, up-to-the-minute analysis of results.

As you can see, Resco Inspections’ 4 components streamline the process from start to finish, in variety of use cases: Effectively create fully customized, highly structured questionnaires with Designer. Distribute them to your team using the Scheduler. Simplify data collection in the field with the Resco Inspections app. And instantly evaluating the results with the Analyst tool.

Not sure if Resco Inspections fits your use case? Ask us at and our account managers will be more than happy to discuss your scenario in detail.

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