Best smartwatches of 2022 for business use

an employee using apple watch during work

As smartwatches become more and more suited for work use, we looked at some of the best options on the market. First, we made a list of essential features to check before buying, and then we list our top picks that can enhance your workflow and provide new possibilities for your operation. No matter the position or industry you work in.

What to consider before buying?

Certain features make smartwatches convenient and productive tool. But at the same time, one or two drawbacks can screw up the whole experience. So, here are the features you should pay attention to when choosing your smartwatch:

  • Operating system (OS) and app support – Vendors and third-party developers create many productivity apps enhancing the possibilities of smartwatches, but not all devices support all apps.

    Apple with watchOS, followed by Google with Wear OS, have the largest app selection in their stores and provide many options on how to use the smart features of smartwatches. Huawei’s Harmony OS doesn’t have such extensive app support, but it’s still one of the best smartwatch operating systems.

    Other OSes like Garmin’s and Fitbit’s systems provide a narrower focus on fitness features, which may be constraining in an office, but it might be a good alternative to sports enthusiasts;

  • Battery life – The absolute minimum is a full working day of operation, so you can use your watch during the day and charge it when you sleep. Charging can become quite time-consuming, so the more the battery lasts, the better;
  • LTE connectivity – At work, it’s often vital to stay connected and some smartwatches can connect even to cellular networks. With mobile network reception, you can receive notifications, messages, and also calls just with the device on your wrist, no phone needed. But keep in mind that when using smartwatches solely for work purposes, online connection can be a distraction for workers;
  • Design and overall build quality – Watches suitable for official meetings look elegant, devices used in the fieldwork are more rugged. Therefore, choose accordingly and adjust to your work position and needs. Don’t forget to consider water resistance, to avoid inconveniences due to rain or splashing water;
  • Size and display – Sizes of smartwatches and their displays have significant effects on the overall user experience. Generally, the size of a smartwatch ranks from 38 mm, appropriate for smaller hands, to 46 mm, mostly suited to men. Displays of smartwatches in the business range are generally high quality and offer sufficient resolution;
  • Sensors and activity tracking features – Smartwatches can track the number of steps, GPS position, heart rate, or even the quality of sleep, helping you optimize your workflow and energy management.
  • Connectivity and storage – Bluetooth is a necessity for connecting to your phone, wireless headphones, or Bluetooth beacons. NFC functionality will provide you with contactless payments, and Wi-Fi is a bonus for connecting to the Internet. Dedicated storage can also offer space for offline music playback;
  • Price – One more significant point to consider. The most affordable smartwatches in our ranking start at about $150. The most expensive can rise up to a few hundred dollars. Ultimately though, we recommend to consider all of the aspects above, and make a choice based on what’s most important for your use case;

Best smartwatches of 2022 for business use:

  1. Apple Watch Series 7

    A person opearting Apple Watch 7 on wrist

    Specifications: Display: 1.9″ (484 x 396p) Retina OLED Size & weight: 41mm (42.3 g)/45mm (51.5 g) Water rating: IP6X, 50m water resistant Battery life: 18 hours Operating system: watchOS Compatibility: iOS Cellular version: Yes

    Pros: Best app support on the market, elegant design, various sizes, advanced heart-rate monitoring and health-tracking capabilities, best overall performance

    Cons: Working just with iPhones, one-day battery

    Price: Starts at $399 (no LTE, 41mm)/$499 (LTE support, 41mm)

    Why: Apple sets the bar for smartwatches every year, and the new Apple Watch Series 7 is the best device on the market you can buy right now. The highest processing power and fine-tuned OS with unrivaled support of third-party apps are the foundation of the success in the office.

    Followed by elegant design, LTE support, water resistance, and many possibilities for personalization with an extensive range of braces. Advanced heart-rate monitor with electrocardiogram and SpO2 monitor can even save lives.

    Battery life is still a little problematic, so you will probably need to charge it every day. However, if you are an iPhone owner, these are the smartwatches you should consider in the first place. Elegant look, powerful apps & features, and overall performance make them a perfect match for use on any occasion and especially at work.

  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with black and pink watchface on a wrist

    Specifications: Display: 1.4″ (450 x 450p) Super AMOLED Size & weight: 40mm (25.9 g)/44mm (30.3 g) Water rating: IP68, 50m water resistant Battery life: 36 hours Operating system: Wear OS Compatibility: Android Cellular version: Yes

    Pros: The best productivity option for non-iPhone users, elegant design, better app support with Wear OS

    Cons: ECG limited to Samsung phone users, missing rotating bezel from previous models

    Price: Starts at $249 (no LTE, 40mm)/$299 (LTE supported, 40mm)

    Why: Galaxy Watches are one of the most successful devices on the market and offers many useful features.With Wear OS now on board, the watch gets much better app support and customization option than previously with Samsung’s own Tizen OS.

    Other strengths include an OLED display, optional LTE, water resistance, or NFC for contactless payments. Battery life delivers between 1,5 – 2 days of usage for one charge, which is one of the weaker points.

    If you fancy a more formal design for the office, you can check the Classic model of Galaxy Watch 4.

  3. Apple Watch SE

    apple watch business smartwatch

    Specifications: Display: 1.78″ (448 x 368p) Retina OLED Size & weight: 40mm (30.49 g)/44mm ( 36.20 g) Water rating: IP6X, 50m water resistant Battery life: 18 hours Operating system: watchOS Compatibility: iOS Cellular version: Yes

    Pros: The best value for money smartwatch in the Apple ecosystem, best app support on the market, elegant design

    Cons: No ECG support and always-on display, onl one-day battery life

    Price: Starts at $279 (no LTE) / $329 (LTE support)

    Why: While the Series 7 presents the top-tier device, Apple also keeps other options for customers. The Apple Watch 3 and SE are now the most affordable smartwatches in its ecosystem, providing very good value for money.

    We prefer the later, as it has a fresher and classier design, perfect for formal occasions. The stellar app support and large screen make the watch a great device for smart features. But battery life should be better. It’s still a pity to charge your secondary device every day.

    If the always-on display and ECG/SpO2 monitor don’t break a deal for you compared to Series 7, Apple Watch SE will definitely be a good choice.

  4. Fitbit Sense

    Fitbit Sense

    Specifications: Display: 1.58″ (448 x 368p) AMOLED Size & weight: 40mm (49.5 g) Water rating: IP68, 50m water resistant Battery life: 3-6 days Operating system: Fitbit OS Cellular version: No

    Pros: Most advanced Fitbit smartwatch, health tracking features, elegant design

    Cons: Less intuitive OS than watchOS or Tizen, no LTE, some features unavailable without Fitbit Premium subscription

    Price: Starts at $329 (no LTE)

    Why: Fitbit is well-known for making fitness bands, but company also entered the smartwatch arena few years ago. The most advanced smartwatch up-to-date is a good-looking and well-performing device with just some limitations. It’s now more suited for overall performance than just focused on activity tracking, but it still lacks LTE connectivity.

    With approximately a week-long battery life and renowned fitness and sleep tracking features, it can be a nice-to-have device, especially in scenarios where physical performance plays a key role.

  5. Fitbit Versa 3

    A black Fitbit Versa 3 standing on a gray background
    Display: 1.58″ (336 x 336p) AMOLED Size & weight: 40mm (38.5g) Water rating: IP68, 50m water resistant Battery life: 3-6 days Operating system: Fitbit OS Cellular version: No

    Pros: Elegant design, cheaper than Fitbit Sense, now with GPS on-board, polished tracking features

    Cons: less intuitive OS than watchOS, no LTE, some features unavailable without Fitbit Premium subscription

    Price: Starts at $229 (no LTE)

    Why: With relatively affordable price, Fitbit Versa 3 is a good-looking activity tracking smartwatch perfectly suited for the use in office or on the go.

    The lack of SpO2 sensor or advanced heart monitoring makes it less equipped than the Fitbit Verse, but more affordable price may be worth the compromise. With stellar battery life, you can get through the work week easily (but turn off always-on display for that case).

  6. Garmin Venu 2 Plus

    A person holding Garmin Venu 2 Plus with Spotify app running on the smartwatchSpecifications: Display: 1.3” (416 x 416p) AMOLED Size & weight: 43mm (51g) Water rating: IP68, 50m water resistant Battery life: 7-10 days Operating system: Garmin OS Cellular version: No

    Pros: Long battery life, works with iPhone and Android, calls support (with connected phone)

    Cons: Limited third-party app support

    Price: Starts at $449.99 (no LTE)

    Why: While Garmin specializes at smartwatches suited to fitness or hiking enthusiasts, company’s Venu series have quite a lot to offer even for office employees or frontline workers.

    The extended smart features like message replies or call answering support work great in any workflow. And proprietary Garmin OS can connect with both Android and iOS.

    But even Venu 2 Plus still lacks LTE support and are quite expensive. So can a good combination of smart features and precise health-tracking capabilities make a deal for you?

  7. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatch

    Specifications: Display: 1.28” (416 x 416p) AMOLED Size & weight: 42mm (51g)/44mm () Water rating: IP6X, 30m water resistant Battery life: 1 day Operating system: Tizen OS Compatibility: Android, iOS Cellular version: No

    Pros: Works with iOS and Android, elegant design, rotating digital bezel for fast navigation

    Cons: Few third-party apps

    Price: Starts at $199 (no LTE)/$379 (LTE support)

    Why: Galaxy Watch Active 2 comes in two sizes with a 40 or 44mm option. Both use 20mm interchangeable straps, offering countless possibilities to find your look. However, they look elegant and stylish right from the box. Galaxy Watch Active 2 also offers an LTE model so you can use them for making calls and connecting to cellular data. Battery life is roughly two days.

    The rotating digital bezel is a unique solution, which makes navigation in the Tizen operating system fast and fluid, although third-party apps support is not so extensive as in watchOS or Wear OS. However, the watch enables to use internal storage for offline Spotify music playback.

  8. Fossil Gen 6

    Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches

    Specifications: Display: 1.28” (416 x 416p) AMOLED Size & weight: 42mm (51g)/44mm () Water rating: IP6X, 30m water resistant Battery life: 1 day Operating system: Wear OS Compatibility: Android, iOS Cellular version: No

    Pros: Great design for men and women, best experience with Google’s Wear OS

    Cons: no LTE support, only one-day battery life

    Price: Starts at $299 (no LTE)

    Why: Fossil brings an updated processor with more RAM and improved WearOS to their take on a smartwatch. They offer one of the best experience with Google’s operating system so far, supporting various third-party apps and that’s why we ranked them 8th. With a 44mm casing, the device can look slightly bulkier on smaller hands, but the design is exquisite for more formal occasions.

    Battery life provides one to two days of operation. Fossil Gen 6 also offers NFC for Google Pay contactless payments, GPS, and heart-rate monitor. Water resistance at 3 ATM means they are not suitable for swimming or bathing. Generally though, all of the features combined make Fossil Gen 6 into a capable all-around smartwatch.

  9. Huawei Watch 3 Pro

    A person holding Huawei Watch 3 Pro smartwatch with HarmonyOS running

    Specifications: Display: 1.43” (466 x 466p) AMOLED Size & weight: 48mm (63g) Water rating: IP68, 50m water resistant Battery life: 5-8 days Operating system: Harmony OS Compatibility: Android, iOS Cellular version: Yes

    Pros: iOS and Android support, long battery life, first smartwatch to feature temperature sensor

    Cons: Limited app support, bulky form factor

    Price: Starts at $375

    Why: Huawei’s Harmony OS gain popularity after trade regulations restricted cooperation with Google. And Watch 3 are company’s first smartwatches to spot this new operational system.

    The switch from Lite OS has brought better availability of 3rd party apps or eSIM support that significantly broadened capabilities offered to users.

    Huawei Watch 3 Pro also inherited a great battery life or fitness tracking features. All this makes a great smartwatches that may only lack in missing NFC payments or limited iOS functionality.

  10. TicWatch Pro 3 GPS

    A man wearing Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS in office environment and during hiking
    Display: 1.4” (454 x 454p) AMOLED Size & weight: 47mm (42g) Water rating: IP68, 50m water resistant Battery life: 3 days Operating system: Wear OS Compatibility: Android, iOS Cellular version: Yes

    Pros: Affordable price, app support, Wear OS accompanied with faster Snapdragon 4100 chipset

    Cons: No LTE support, a little bulky design

    Price: Starts at $249 (no LTE)

    Why: Ticwatch 3 Pro doesn’t excel in any of smart features or health-tracking capabilities, but it is good in a lot of tasks. Great price, 3-days battery life, and fast new smartwatch chipset from Qualcomm are Ticwatch’s best features.

    Even the SpO2 sensor is packed within Ticwatch’s sub $250 price.

    But what to consider before buying? Make sure you don’t mind a little bulky form factor or missing ECG monitor. Otherwise, Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS ticks most of the boxes.

Bonus pick: NIVY Watch

Resco Nivy Watch

NIVY Watch is a brand-new type of smartwatches developed for professional use. While not intended for a consumer market, the smartwatch opens new possibilities for industry workers and companies.

A professional smartwatch with pleasant materials, good ergonomics and simple operation focused on business scenarios with more specific needs, e.g constuction or warehouse workers. That’s why they come with a full set of additional functionality and equipment, like simplified UI or multi-charging station.

Choose the best smartwatch for your business

As we mentioned, we see smartwatches as the next big thing in business. Expanding capabilities and features make wearables more and more valuable in the work environment, helping companies and employers optimize productivity and performance.

There is a number of options available on the market varying in functions or app support. Choose what suits your needs the best. If you want to learn more about smartwatches in enterprise, read the free e-book Mass Use of Smartwatches Across Businesses & Industries.

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