Best of 2018: 10 most read Resco blogs of the year

Latest industry news and trends, product previews, handy tips, tricks and tutorials, colorful infographics, extensive comparisons, articulate opinion pieces, or detailed event reports. Those are just a few kinds of posts you can find on the Resco blog.
With 46 054 unique visitors over the past year, we are delighted to say ever more people are finding useful information in our posts. And now you can check out the top 10 of those that caught your eye the most in 2018:

1. The Clash of the Titans: Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs. Salesforce

Is chocolate better than vanilla? Is spring more beautiful than autumn? Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 outclass Salesforce, or the other way around?
You get the idea. The answer to each of those questions depends on what you need, want, or like. Whether it’s picking the flavor of your ice cream or choosing the most suitable CRM for your company, matching all the pros and cons to your requirements is the best way to go about it. In our most read blogpost of 2018 we’ve taken a closer look at the two largest CRM players on the market – and the stats say that you did too.

2. FAQ: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service Mobile App Licensing

Ever since the Resco platform was incorporated as the default Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service mobile client, we’ve received countless inquiries about the licensing requirements and customization of the solution. In this blog we’ve brought an overview of the most frequently asked questions, so you can always find the answers easily organized in one place.

3. Has Microsoft curtailed offline functionality of the Dynamics 365 mobile app?

Offline is essential. So when the news broke in spring that Microsoft has withdrawn the offline functionality from their Dynamics 365 app for phones and tablets, many were left wondering. New customers won’t be able to work with the app without Internet connection at least until mid-2019, when offline capabilities are said to return in some shape or form. But what are the options when full offline functionality is an absolute must for your mobile solution?

4. What software and hardware requirements do you need to consider before buying mobile devices for Resco Mobile CRM?

Technology races ahead at an unprecedented rate. When you want to use Resco on a mobile device are there any particular software and hardware requirements you need to consider? So let’s talk about mobile devices. In particular, those devices that will work best if you are planning to roll out Resco to your staff working in the field.

5. Please sign here: Add legally-binding digital signatures to forms with Universign integration

A good old paper document has to be first printed out, copied, signed and archived – often repeating the entire process multiple times. On the contrary, the electronic signature, when implemented properly, is fast, secure, convenient and generally much more pleasant to deal with. And save time and costs in formal communication with customers, partners, suppliers or any other stakeholders. Now electronic signatures are just a few simple steps away from being part of your mobile workforce’s daily routine. This blog will guide you through the process of enabling them in the Resco mobile client.

6. Microsoft + Resco officially team up on field service: What’s in it for partners and customers?

With an agreement on direct partnership, Resco and Microsoft have taken a major step towards closer collaboration over the upcoming years. The partnership promises even more direct integration between the Resco mobile platform and Dynamics 365 for Field Service – where the Resco mobile application and the Resco Woodford tool are used to configure, administer, and complete field service tasks seamlessly with Dynamics 365. What other benefits and takeaways are there for both customers and partners?

7. How scanning codes with Resco Mobile CRM can simplify your processes on the go

Barcode scanning speeds up the ordering and search process while minimizing the possibility of human error. These advantages already make it a widely used feature, but there may still be room for finding more possibilities to utilize it. We have prepared a few scenarios where barcode scanning could prove more than useful.

8. Video: See the upcoming Resco Inspections Designer in action

Resco Inspections took the spotlight already in the early stages. This time we previewed the Designer – a web-based tool to to build questionnaires in a streamlined data-driven UI. See how to set up one-of-a-kind questionnaires with a wide variety of available question types. Complete with custom logic to make your inspections process flow seamlessly.

9. Entity form, its lifecycle, events and best practices for form rules (with practical examples)

A technical deep dive into all things entity-form-related. Our Support Specialist, Lucia, put together a detailed account on the lifecycle, events and best practices for entity forms. Including practical examples customers and partners ask about most frequently.

10. 2018: Becoming your partner for complete enterprise mobility

Resco has brought its annual conference to Prague on November 15-16. And with over 200 attendees from 92 companies and 24 countries in the audience, Resco CEO, Radomir Vozar, took the stage to share the bold new enterprise mobility strategy for the company and its product offering, partner ecosystem, technology development and beyond. Get an overview of the key topics discussed by Resco’s CEO, Radomir Vozar, and his guests during the Opening Keynote at 2018.
That was 2018 in a nutshell. And if you have any suggestions on what blogposts you’d like to see from us going forward, make sure to let us know in the comments below or drop us a line at

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