Apply for an ALIS Developer Kit and assist your field workers in finding and recognizing assets

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Be among the first to try ALIS – our Asset Location and Identification System. We are sending out ALIS Developer Kits. Receive 6 Bluetooth beacons, a mobile app to monitor them, and a sandbox for testing and experimenting. We will support you in developing a solution for problems related to localization and monitoring of any assets. 

In resco.Labs, we are harnessing the potential of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) devices. We are integrating them with our enterprise-grade software for the mobile workforce in order to: 

  • Find assets 
  • Identify the assets and access relevant documents 
  • Make sure the technicians are present at the site 

Interested in learning more? Read our blog to understand how ALIS works.  

We are excited to announce that we now offer an ALIS Developer Kit. By ordering it now, you can actively participate in the ongoing development and shape the future of ALIS. 

ALIS developer kit with 6 BLE beacons

What will you find in the ALIS Developer Kit? 

The kit includes everything you need to customize ALIS for your specific use case. It contains the necessary hardware, software, and support to get you up and running. You will receive: 

6 Resco ALIS Beacons  

Each of these six BLE devices is equipped with a temperature sensor. One can remotely activate a sound to facilitate easier identification.  

Watch the unboxing of the beacons:

5 hours of support and consultation 

Purchasing the Developer Kit grants you five hours of dedicated support and consultation. You will get access to expert guidance as you test and experiment with the solution. The Resco team is committed to your success and will provide assistance, answer your questions, and help you overcome any challenges you may encounter along the way. 

Access to the Mobile ALIS Application 

Available for both Android and iOS, this easy-to-use application allows you to monitor the BLE devices and work with them effortlessly. 

Access to a Prebuilt Resco Organization 

To simplify your development journey, the Developer Kit also provides access to a preconfigured Resco organization. This environment serves as a sandbox for testing and experimenting, and comes with preconfigured beacons and assets, ensuring a smooth and easy start. 

Free Ticket to resco.NEXT 

Although we will be continuously in touch regarding your feedback, suggestions and ideas, nothing beats an in-person discussion, which is why we have decided to include 1 free ticket to the resco.NEXT conference as well! The ticket has a value of 550€ and includes a two-day conference program with endless networking possibilities with fellow technology enthusiasts and premium catering. The conference will take place on October 24th – 25th in Marbella, Spain. 

ALIS developer kit, open box with the BLE beacons

What’s next? 

The next step is simple – become a member of a closed testing community by purchasing the Resco ALIS Developer Kit for €499 (+ shipping).  


Need more information? Feel free to contact Nikolas Fabry, Business Development Manager, at nikolas.fabry@resco.net    

ALIS showcase at resco.NEXT