Resco Inspections – Shape every step of the inspection process

Shape every step of your inspection process

Create custom questionnaires, dynamic forms, surveys and more. Make inspections more effective for your field staff and analyze collected data afterwards – all with one solution.

Ditch the paper.

Resco Inspections helps you even with the most complex field inspection cases.


Design for any use case

Develop even highly structured questionnaires with ease. Both look and behavior are entirely in your hands.


Leverage custom logic

Make your questionnaires dynamic with functional blocks that are triggered by events. Use rules for visibility, data validation, dynamic styles, and more.


100% offline

No need to depend on connectivity. Inspectors can work offline with locally stored data and automatically sync the changes once they are connected again.


Plug in your data source

Connect Inspections to an external data source, such as a CRM, and dynamically use the data in your questionnaires.

How it works



A powerful tool for designing and developing virtually any type of questionnaire



Assign questionnaires to your field workers and oversee their progress



An offline-ready app for inspectors with questionnaires, calendar and navigation



All your data and essential reports in the form you need



How a questionnaire should look like and behave is highly case-specific. The Designer gives you the tools to create practically any kind of questionnaire – through the interface, designing rules, or JavaScript.

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop UI
  • Question groups enable you to organize even hundreds of questions
  • Large variety of question types – include media upload, electronic signatures, or barcode scanning in your questionnaire. For the whole list of available question types, visit our manual.
  • Per-record architecture lets you design your questionnaire without the need to tamper with metadata



Assign the created questionnaires, plan work for your field team and oversee their progress. You can see all available questionnaires together with information about the tasks, location, and schedule for each team member.

  • Fully interactive drag-and-drop interface enables you to plan work easily
  • Notifies you about exceptional events (delays, cancelled inspections, etc.)
  • See how your staff progressed throughout the day – if anyone will be finishing sooner than originally expected, you can task them with an additional inspection to help the team.



No more dragging dozens of paper forms around, no more searching for the right form or form section on the spot. With Inspector, mobile team members have access to all questionnaires assigned to them, and more.

  • Fully functional even offline
  • Check-in/check-out
  • Built-in calendar and route viewer to plan all work trips within a single app
  • Runs smoothly on any mobile device – phone, tablet, or laptop
  • All related documents, manuals and images are also available at your fingertips
Resco Inspections app



Evaluate and visualize the data sent back by the inspectors. The Analyst stores static copies of your inspections, meaning you can:

  • Go through the answers one-by-one
  • Create graphs, custom reports, and configurable dashboards on top of your data
  • Export raw data and analyze it further with other tools, such as Power BI


Resco Inspections can be also natively integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM & Salesforce. API for integration with 3rd party systems is also available.


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  • How exactly does Resco Inspections address each step of the process?
  • How does the technology revolution impact the mobile workforce?
  • Which inspection jobs are already in demand and which industries could benefit from optimizing their inspection workflow?

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