Shape every step of your inspection process

Create custom questionnaires, dynamic forms, surveys and more. Make inspections more effective for your field staff and analyze collected data afterwards – all with one solution.

What it is


There’s a lot more to inspections than just filling out checkboxes. Resco Inspections divides the process into four phases and provides you with distinct applications working together to support each part of the workflow.



Design your questionnaires and dynamic forms in an intuitive user interface. This easy to use tool is used by non-administrators – people who know the business and its processes.

Utilize the variety of available question types (checkboxes, picklists, code scanning, photo/video capturing, and many more) and set up custom logic with rules.




Assign the created questionnaires/forms and plan work for your field team. You can see all available questionnaires/forms together with information on the tasks, location, and schedule (dates & times) for each team member.

The scheduler is fully interactive, notifies you also about exceptional events (delays, cancelled inspections, etc.) and also enables you to see how your staff progressed throughout the day.





Your mobile workforce will receive inspection assignments via this cross-platform app running smoothly across phones, tablets and laptops.

With the built-in calendar and route viewer inspectors always know when and where to go. Arriving on site, they will use the app to check in/check out when they start or finish an inspection. Most importantly, using the app they run and complete the questionnaires. Fully functional even offline, so no rural area or underground parking lot will stand in your team’s way.




Visualize and evaluate the data sent back by the inspectors. Whether you want to go through the questionnaire answers one-by-one, or need a report with all the essential stats, the Analyst app packs the tools you need to discover the answers you’re looking for.

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Resco Inspections can be also natively integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM & Salesforce. API for integration with 3rd party systems is also available.