Resco Inspections – Shape every step of the inspection process

Mobile forms for increased efficiency and decreased costs

Make data collection more effective for your staff and enhance your operations with more accurate data. Resco Inspections allows you to build custom mobile forms, checklists, or audits for any scenario.

Design, assign, use and review mobile forms
to optimize field inspections and data collection


Build custom mobile questionnaires


Schedule work and oversee the progress of your team


Carry out an inspection or collect data in the field


Dissect the data and analyze results

Empower your field staff

Provide guidance to your team

Use step-by-step guides to show not only what needs to be done, but also how. Walking your inspectors through the process decreases errors and helps with trainings and staff fluctuation.

Decrease labor cost

Snap a picture, scan product codes, use voice control or image recognition. Going beyond paper helps you speed up field work and drive costs down.

Ensure worker safety 

Equip your team with mobile forms to keep their hands free, even in physically challenging conditions.

Work offline

Thanks to the true offline mode, your team doesn’t have to rely on stable Internet connection and can work anywhere – in warehouses, rural areas, offshore, underground, and more.

More accurate data for better business operations

Optimize processes

Use collected data to gain insights about your business and make faster and better-informed decisions.

Cover the whole process

Schedule, execute, control and analyze all forms and related processes. Get a better overview of the work and make sure essential processes aren’t omitted.

Increase compliance

Easily maintain audit trails. Having a proof of quality always ready for submission helps you adhere to laws, regulations and internal guidelines.

Automate repetitive tasks

Use data from past form submissions as default future answers. Pre-filling input fields speeds up regular maintenance checks and other processes.

digitization of paper forms

Digitize paper forms with ease

Build custom forms in matter of minutes, no coding required. Define skippable sections, validation, conditional styling, and more. The powerful Questionnaire Designer enables you to create forms, checklists, surveys and to-do lists of any complexity and for any scenario.

Quality control

Compliance management

Safety checklists

Site & facility inspections

Asset inventory management

Market research and customer satisfaction surveys

Maintenance checklists

Progress reports


Resco native integrations - Dynamics 365 & Salesforce

A full cloud solution with ready-made integrations

Connect natively to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce and instantly work with your Accounts, Products, Orders and any other standard or custom entities. You can also use an API for easy 3rd party integration, or connect Inspections to your ERP system, such as SAP S4/HANA.

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