Resco CEO: ‘We see blending of digital and real worlds’

Note: This blogpost was written by Rick McCutcheon, Dynamics Solutions MVP and CSP.
With 2018 just around the corner, we thought it was time to catch up with Resco CEO Radomir Vozar, on the future of business mobility, changes on the horizon for the Resco mobile business solutions platform, why you should attend and why it’s called the business mobility event of the year.
Why do you hold
Radomir: is THE event of Resco. This year, the total combined attendance will reach more than 200 people. It is an event where our customers, partners, Microsoft representatives and Resco professionals explore and discuss everything mobile. It is the event that combines mobility and CRM worlds with unparalleled quality. It is the event where we showcase our current technology as well as we share our vision. We organize one day trainings and workshops as well. provides a unique platform. It is a two-day event that allows for learning more and exchanging ideas at a next level. And these happen both, in an official setup in a form of sessions, round-table forums or panel discussions as well as in a relaxed atmosphere as part of the evening reception.
For us, is a great opportunity to look back but also to outline where we are heading. We invite everyone to be part of this journey and help us shape the future of enterprise mobility.
What’s next the future of business mobility?
Radomir: We see a LOT going on in mobile space and the pace of adopting new technology is faster than ever. Looking at the big picture, we see blending of digital and real worlds – especially in the areas of voice control, image or object recognition, geo location, and product demonstration in virtual reality. We are very excited to play our role in implementing these technologies into meaningful business scenarios and use cases in a form of Resco Cloud technology and new apps.
We see Resco building more apps.  These apps/solutions, just like Resco Inspections or Route Planner, are laser focused on a specific business challenge or business process. On one hand, they provide a very easily configurable and deployable solution that tackles one specific problem. On the other, they are a perfect example and demonstration of how powerful Resco Cloud is, how easily it can be used for creating line-of-business apps for variety of divisions and purposes.
I could probably go on and on. But you know what? The best place to see and discuss what future business mobility means for Resco is to come to Prague in November.
What’s ahead on the Resco product roadmap?
Radomir: We keep pushing Resco technology further and further. Our main goal is to achieve a state where we are considered a mobile strategy for companies. I believe we are already there and we see our customers doing crazy things with Resco. One of the recent achievements is our recognition in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Apps Development Platforms.
Short term, we want to finalize our Inspection offering and release Route Planner solution. These two are laser focused on specific use cases we see our customers need daily.
Mobile technologies evolve at tremendous pace and everything changes very quickly. Technology and devices that were “in” 2-3 years ago are not around anymore. That requires to be ready to constantly evolve and rethink. So far, we have been quite successful.
What’s one of the most intriguing uses of the platform you’ve seen?
Radomir: The one that comes right into my mind is a very recent one. It is a project that makes me feel very proud of our technology on one hand while on the other, it helps me see many things in life from a different point of view. It is a project with UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). We have been working together on a mobile solution, Rapid Application nicknamed RApp, that helps with refugee registration and identity management in Angola. The offline requirements and challenges are the toughest we have seen so far.
Resco Cloud is being used in the field, in refugee camps very often in areas with no connection whatsoever. It helps to document stories of people whose lives are often much less fortunate than ours. You can learn more about this project on UNHCR’s blog.
What are your biggest challenges as a business mobility provider
Radomir: Very good question! Where to start? One of the big ones is to find the right balance of complexity of a no-code-general-purpose-business-app development platform. Resco comes equipped with designers, tools, components and modules that do not require code writing skills. This is a great “time-to-deploy” efficiency booster.
Yet, some projects require much deeper configuration. That opens the configure-vs-customize question. We found a way to support even the most complex requirements by HTML5 and JavaScript support. Providing our own Resco JavaScript bridge, we are securing the offline functionality to be relevant even for projects that are super challenging, such as the one for UNHCR I discussed before.
Another topic is mobile security. More mobility equals more data in your pocket and a bigger risk of it being misplaced or misused. That’s why we take security very seriously. Part of Resco Cloud is a Security Module that allows for locking the app, wiping out the local database over the air. Furthermore, it can be used to define advanced security policy to manage the mobile apps in a more convenient way.
Join us at 2018 Prague, 15-16 November, Marriot Hotel, V Celinici  8, Prague, Czech Replublic. For a full agenda click here.

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