Gain competitive advantage in property management with Resco Inspections


Residential, commercial, and business properties are significantly expanding due to rapid population, business, and economic growth. Such tremendous growth, however, also comes with higher requirements and standards for all kinds of property management processes – from site surveys to inventory management and everything in-between.

What is a site survey?

One of the very first steps of any work project should be to survey the site on which it is about to be performed. This can prevent potential hazards and troubles, as well as provide useful information for the project managers. Usually, a site survey consists of several visits to the site, where various objects and aspects of the place are examined in detail.

They can be also performed in areas where work is planned, so that possible obstacles, cost, time estimations, and other key information can be determined in advance. There are many types of site surveys, and its nature always depends on the specific project for which it is needed. Common projects that require site surveys are, for example, wireless network installation, urban constructions, and specialized constructions.

Why are site surveys important?

Site surveys can save us a lot of time, money, and valuable resources. Based on the results of the survey, better decisions can be made, and potential errors can be prevented in the planning phase – therefore minimizing costs.

Site surveys for property management

Property management can refer to the management of personal property, tooling, equipment, or real estate. Making sure that properties are in good condition is crucial, especially in the case of rental properties, which are valuable sources of income. Every property is an investment, therefore it needs to be protected as much as possible.

The most common property management services are maintenance and repairs, property inspections, cleaning, outdoor services, health and safety checks, and inventory management.

The demand for digitalization is growing relentlessly, and artificial intelligence is penetrating the property management software market. As a result, stakeholders are increasing the convenience of consumers by integrating property maintenance systems with mobile applications.

Benefits of digitalization in property management:

  • Paperless system: there are still many companies using paper forms, Excel sheets, or third-party applications that are not integrated with their backend systems. However, using these means duplicated work, and a lot of extra time, which could be saved and used more efficiently.
  • Secured and immediately stored data: it can be on your Cloud, mobile device, or backend. You can be sure that even in case of theft, your private data is safe.
  • Fast reports: share your data with staff members and customers instantly.
  • Multimedia access: record video, voice notes, capture images, and add text to them easily.
  • Automated actions: your employees don’t have to repeat the actions since there is custom logic and rules behind the digital forms.
  • Clearly defined business processes: digitize your business processes chronologically, step by step. This ensures that the business processes are well-defined and that they follow and describe the whole procedure. This will also help your employees to be more organized in their work.
  • Standardization: when it comes to property inspection and inventory management, standardization can be very useful. For example, when inspecting a block of flats that has several identical 3-room flats with the same furnishings, all of them can be inspected with one document. This way, the entire inspection process is standardized and simplified.

How can Resco Inspections help in conducting property management surveys?

By implementing a digital solution, such as Resco Inspections, you can easily undertake site surveys with your mobile device or tablet, even if you don’t have an Internet connection. If your workforce is mobile, you need a solution that’s easily accessible everywhere, anytime. The solution takes reporting to the next level, making it super easy to collect and analyze data.

The biggest advantages of Resco Inspections:

  • 100% offline
  • Plug in your data source
  • Leverage custom logic
  • Unlimited customizations
  • Designed for any use case

If you want to learn more about Resco Inspections, visit the official product website or start your free trial here.