FAQs: State of mobility for Dynamics 365 Field Service and transition options webinar

Field Service 2.0 transition

The Field Service Mobile (Xamarin app) is nearing its end of life. At our webinar about the State of mobility for Dynamics 365 Field Service, our speakers discussed the transition options.

Here you can find the most frequent questions and their answers together with additional resources. And if you missed the webinar, no worries – you can still watch the recording online.

What will happen after June 30, 2022?

After June 30, 2022, Microsoft will begin to block access to the Field Service Mobile (Xamarin app). The mobile configurator (Woodford) used with Field Service Mobile (Xamarin app) will no longer be able to publish, and end users will not be able to access the mobile app.

After June 2022, will Microsoft or Resco cut off the ability for field service users to log in and use Resco, or will the users only lose support from Microsoft?

In the context of this question, Resco means Field Service Mobile (Xamarin app). That is an important distinction. Users won’t be able to log in and access Field Service Mobile (Xamarin app).
Other Resco tools outside of Field Service Mobile such as Woodford, Resco Mobile CRM, Inspections, and other Resco products, will continue to function as ISV products for Dynamics 365 Field Service. There is also the option to transition to Resco´s Field Service 2.0 solution.

In Resco Field Service 2.0, can customers continue using Dynamics 365 Field Service as the backend, and use Resco Field Service 2.0 as the front-end?

Yes, that’s exactly the idea. You are just changing the mobile app from Field Service Mobile to Resco Mobile CRM.

How to configure the new Resco Field Service 2.0 with Dynamics 365?

Configuration will still work via the Woodford tool, there are no changes. As previously mentioned, only the mobile application will be different.

What about the licensing model?

We’re taking a different approach than our standard price list when it comes to licensing. The situation is quite difficult for customers who have to make this choice after working a specific way for a long time. We approach this in a direct way with customers, and we encourage you to reach out and talk through the situation and understand what aspects you need to pull from the Resco platform into your Resco Field Service 2.0 application. We’ll come up with the price together, just reach out to us at fieldservice@resco.net.

Will there be any change for existing Resco users already using Resco licenses for Dynamics 365?

If you already have direct licensing agreed with us, then there are no changes for you. We have monthly meetings with Microsoft, and there is a clear understanding from Microsoft that there will be a group of customers who will stay with Resco technology and become direct Resco customers. Microsoft perfectly acknowledges this, and we are in mutual understanding that this is happening and will happen as well in the future.

What happens to Woodford?

The Woodford app is part of our solution, and it will stay available within the Dynamics environment for all the Dynamics admin roles or profiles. It will remain the primary tool to configure the Resco application further. Microsoft will block the new publishes for Field Service Mobile (Xamarin app) through the Woodford tool, but this will not affect the Resco Mobile CRM application.

Are there any significant changes customers have to make when switching from Field Service Mobile (Xamarin app) to Resco, or is it really that easy to switch?

It’s really that easy. The base of the technology is still Resco. The architecture is the same, so the way Microsoft uses Resco technology from the architecture point of view, it’s exactly the same as all our other customers use Resco. The only difference for the user in the field is that he will start a different app on his mobile device – he won’t use Field Service Mobile (Xamarin app), but the Resco application – Resco Mobile CRM.

What are the advantages of the Resco app? Is there a comparison?

Yes, there is a comparison guide. We did a lot of testing in-house, and we tried to be as precise as possible. We compared the two apps on both iOS and Android, and we custom-synchronized them with the same Dynamics Field Service organization and documented all the findings. We’ll be more than happy to share them with you, just drop us and email and let us know you´re interested at fieldservice@resco.net.

And last but not the least… how do I switch from Field Service Mobile (Xamarin app) to Resco Field Service 2.0 for D365?

You will find a simple walkthrough of the transition process for both existing users of Field Service Mobile (Xamarin app) and new customers who are deciding which solution to adopt in the Resco Field Service 2.0 for D365 Transition Guide. If you need help with the transition or have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.