Automate your workflow and save time with these digital checklists

a field service technician filling out a paper checklist

It’s the universal truth that productivity and efficiency are some of the biggest concerns company leaders need to keep on their minds at all times. The equation is simple – less time spent on individual tasks means more work done, resulting in better profit margins. But what’s the key to that goal? 

Well, that’s simple, automation.

Workflow automation in field service

It’s the unfortunate truth that many present-day companies still refuse to let go of the old-world work processes, pen-and-paper being at the forefront of the biggest offenders. And that’s in the face of better, more efficient digital solutions being widely available! 

For argument’s sake, let’s consider the pitfalls of old, traditional workflow processes. The detriments of pen-and-paper include:  

  • Inefficient Medium: Paper is an inherently fragile medium, prone to getting lost or damaged – especially in field service use. Paper costs are also far from inconspicuous.  
  • Time Requirements: Regardless of individual writing proficiency, the pen-and-paper approach requires a considerable overall time investment. 
  • Organizational Inadequacy: A secondary medium needs to facilitate communication between on-site inspectors and off-site handlers, wasting even more time.  

On the other hand, digital field service software offers: 

  • Easy Accessibility: Easily downloadable on any smartphone or tablet, mobile field service apps can be used anywhere, anytime, with little worry for damage or loss. 
  • Streamlined Workflow: The checklists are organized into clear steps to guide new and old employees through their field workday safely and efficiently.  
  • Assessment-friendlyInspection software can be effortlessly incorporated into most CMS’, allowing for simple on-and-off-site communication, and report archiving.  

But these are just the overall benefits digital can offer your organization. Let’s have a look at a few specific tools you may want to incorporate into your workflow. 

1) Permit-to-work 

Clients typically want to know who’s running around on their premises and whether they’re qualified to do so. And that goes double for potentially dangerous workplaces. Hence a permit-to-work is necessary. But lanyards are far from a good solution nowadays.  

illustration of checklist

Download a free Permit-to-work checklist

Download a free Work Permit Checklist template to document the process of planned maintenance

Equipping your inspectors and maintenance workers with a digital permit-to-work makes them easily verifiable, and allows them to go about their business with no hassle. They can be customized to your individual company’s or client’s needs. And on the organizational side of things, you’ll be able to keep a comprehensive list of your employees within your CRM to prevent any possible mishaps.  

Upgrade your current permit-to-work solution with Resco’s permit-to-work checklist for absolutely free here.  

2) Health and Safety assessment 

With an estimated 2.3 million work-related deaths occurring every year, it suffices to say H&S is no joke. But getting employees to remember and comply with all the requirements can be a difficult task. Thankfully, we have field service software for that too. 

illustration of checklist

Download a free Health and Safety assessment checklist

Download a free Health & Safety Assessment Checklist template to identify hazards and safety risks occurring on work premises

Our checklist for health & safety compliance saves you a ton of time, is fully customizable and digital. You can make it your own based on your industry’s regulations and standards. Add photos, videos, or audio for your workers to help them understand the equipment better. Track employee training. Keep PPE in check. Report on work environment hazards.  

Ease the managers‘ workload with our interactive checklist. Tracking and reporting are faster, it’s completely digital and can be saved to the cloud or your company’s server for future reference. Do whatever you need to make sure everybody is safe – and do it paperless. 

Ensure your employees’ H&S compliance with our Health and Safety Assessment checklist for free here.  

3) Risk assessment 

Has your workplace been the scene of an unfortunate accident? While definitely undesirable, it does happen. However, it’s in your best interest to ensure that no such thing happens again. And if you’ve been lucky to see no injuries so far, you’ll want to guarantee it stays that way.  

illustration of checklist

Download a free Risk assessment checklist

Download a free Risk Assessment Form to manage and break down details of the risks occurring in workplace

That’s where a risk assessment checklist comes in handy. As all our tools, it can be tailor-suited to your workplace and used to assess any possible hazards present. Thus you can avoid the threat of something being overlooked and possibly resulting in a tragic outcome.  

Save yourself the trouble, and your employees the pain with our risk assessment checklist for free here

About our digital solutions 

Resco takes pride in providing you with the digital, paper-free solutions you need and want to improve your administrative processes. We believe the three tools described in this article should meet all your manufacturing needs. But, should you be in the market for more apps, checklists, and other helpful digital tools, visit Resco’s Digital Template Library