6 ways technology helps you go beyond paper

tired woman doing paperwork

Technology makes our lives easier and more comfortable than ever before. Without any doubt, the digital age has brought with it several advantages and disadvantages. What matters the most is how we can utilize the infinite possibilities it provides us with. We can use it to upgrade our businesses, to speed up and simplify our work processes, and even to make our professional and personal life more sustainable.
Why hold on to the familiar way of doing things when you can save a ton of time, money, and resources by switching to digital mobile forms instead of paper? Learn how technology can help you and your business go beyond paper and turn it to your advantage:

1. Enhance data processing and organizational performance by attaching photos to documents

One of the qualities paper forms are lacking is the possibility to attach photos immediately after taking them, even offline. By doing so, the flow of information is much faster, improving organizational performance. It also helps us process the given information quicker since we are visual creatures. It takes our brains only 13 milliseconds to identify and categorize images, which is 60,000 times faster than identifying written words.

2. Simplify to amplify

Technology is here to simplify your work and life, not to complicate it, which is often the case with paper forms. It’s time to forget those sky-high mountains of paper and make the most out of what mobile tech has to offer. By using features such as code scanning and image recognition, you can speed up search processes and prevent errors. The latter is a big step forward since paper forms are 50% more likely to contain mistakes than mobile forms.

3. A single storage of information

Another great thing about mobile forms is that you can have all your data in one place, perfectly organized. Paper-based systems can’t provide the same business intelligence mobile forms can. Innovative technology enables you to analyze data more effectively since you will be working with a single repository of information. This allows you to spot issues faster and, consequently, to solve problems with ease and perform better.

4. Build a more sustainable business model

Globally, there is a growing trend to move towards more sustainable practices – both business-wise and generally, in life. This is understandable and a necessity considering the rising impacts of environmental issues all over the world. According to Restore, a leading document shredding company, “the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. 6,800 of the 10,000 sheets used are wasted.” By shifting paper forms to mobile, you not only do the right thing for the environment but for your assets too, saving a lot of money by making the switch.

5. Access data anytime, anywhere

If you want your business to function at optimal efficiency, you need immediate access to everything that’s happening. When offsite workers are using their smartphones or tablets, you can connect with them quickly and easily, see their progress, and receive all relevant information immediately. What’s more, with mobile tech, employers can create fully customized forms, which employees can easily access and fill out.

6. Increase productivity, decrease costs

In today’s fast-paced world, paper-based systems are inefficient and time-consuming. If the data collected in the field is in paper form, then that form must be sent back to the office before being processed. This process can take a long time. Contrary to that, with mobile forms, you are just one click away from sharing the collected data with all relevant stakeholders. Let’s take a site safety inspection as an example. The employee shows up with a printed form, fills out everything in it, and scans or mails it back to the office where it needs to be typed into a computer. When you replace this system with mobile devices, this lengthy process is reduced to a few simple steps.
These are just some of the most significant ways in which technology can help you and your business achieve more through innovation. If you’re ready to go beyond paper, Resco is here to help. Download our free Resco Inspections e-book to learn more or contact us for a demo.