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Training: Resco Mobile Reports

Would you like to know how to create documents on the go, using data from your database?

Mobile Reports in Resco allows you to generate documents (e.g. an invoice or a service report) directly in the app, even in offline mode.

Join us for this Mobile Report training and let us guide you through the whole process of creating your own customized mobile report including supported document file types,
specific report elements (Header, Footer, Body, Grids, Fetches…), variables types and uses.

This training will also cover visuals, such as different styles and images, so you can learn how to make your report visually appealing.

Since no report would be complete without a signature, we will take a closer look at this topic as well.

This training will be followed by a course in the Academy, where you can train your skills through hands-on exercises. After this training, you will be able to create your own report and adjust the flow based on your customer’s needs.

PREREQUISITE: Course Woodford Basics (or Woodford Basics for Salesforce) in Resco Academy.This course helps you to understand the topic discussed during the webinar.

Register at www.academy.resco.net, after login select the technical category, enroll and complete one of these courses based on your back-end preferences.

In case of any questions contact academy@resco.net


DATE: Tuesday, May 12th, 2020
TIME: 9:00 am PDT | 10:00 am MDT | 11:00 am CDT | 12:00 pm EDT | 17:00 BST | 18:00 CEST
DURATION: 1-1,5hr + Q&A
SPEAKER: Lukas Lesko (Resco Support Manager)
FEE: It’s free!

The recording of this training is available in Report Designer course at Resco Academy.

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