Webinars & Online trainings

Autumn Update 2022

With Resco Autumn Update which arrived at the end of September, we are bringing a few enhancements and useful functionalities.

Join us on November 8 for a webinar hosted by our Product team and get a closer look at the highlights of the release coming in just a few short weeks.

You’ll learn about how to:
  • Find out how to enable Guides within our platform and include them in the questionnaires.
  • Utilize new improvements on the Scheduler and explore the most appropriate resource for work on a Schedule Board
  • Define questions in a new questionnaires grid editor and utilize new improvements to increase the capabilities of our questionnaires
  • Have better control over image/media questions settings within questionnaires
  • Utilize new auth methods, including SMS for Resco Cloud
  • Use buttons to trigger commands
  • Save costs by utilizing Blob external storage


DURATION: 60 min (Q&A included)

SPEAKERS: Eduard Kesely (Head of Product), Michal Magnusek (Product Manager), Peter Matejik (Product Manager)

Watch the recording: