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Cegeka Fearless Leader for FMCG

Perfect Store, Perfect Visibility, Perfect Insights, Perfect Planning


Cegeka Fearless Leader (previously Avento FMCG365) is an international solution based on industry standards, bringing the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) / CPG (Consumer Package Goods) functionalities all on board by enhancing your product visibility and creating your perfect store.

The objective of the solution is to optimize every role in an FMCG/CPG organization to master the daily FMCG/CPG activities. The solution primarily aims to get the desired commercial results from the field force spending at the right time, with the right customers, in the right channel, armed with the right information, and executing the right actions.

Based on Resco Mobile CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce, Power BI and Azure Machine Learning, Cegeka Fearless Leader guarantees improved sales, marketing and operations performance any time and any place, including in offline conditions.

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Cegeka Fearless Leader