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Woodford HTML, a customization tool for Salesforce users will soon be available on all platforms & browsers

Woodford HTML for Salesforce - by Resco

Browser-based version of Woodford, Resco‘s customization tool for creating mobile solutions, will soon be available to all Salesforce users. Now users and admins can create, manage and publish field projects with a few clicks and further enhance the company’s mobile workforce.


Bratislava, Slovakia – February 14, 2019 – Resco, the leading provider of enterprise mobile solutions and Salesforce ISV partner, has today revealed the date of the official launch of Woodford HTML, a next generation tool for creating mobile apps with full offline capability for Salesforce.

We’re constantly looking for ways to help our customers and partners, listening to their feedback. Ability to create & manage apps on all desktop platforms including Mac, has always been at the heart of most desired features of our Salesforce community. We spare no effort to introduce a browser-based version of Woodford soon. Miroslav Pomsar, CTO @ Resco

HTML version of Woodford will be available to all Salesforce users on March 28. Admins and partners worldwide will be able to effortlessly build mobile experiences based on custom objects, individual dashboards, robust and flexible user interface, and much more. Anyone working with a browser-equipped device will have access to Woodford, a pivotal tool of Resco’s mobile application development platform, which has been recently recognized by Gartner.

Woodford HTML:

  • Supports all platforms & major browsers, including Mac OS and Safari
  • Lets users build apps connected to Salesforce with no to low coding skills
  • Brings:
    • JavaScript and HTML SDK for highly customized apps with deep device integration
    • Sync Dashboard for real time monitoring of app performance
    • Mobile Report Designer for authoring amazing offline mobile reports

Stay tuned for more news from Resco for our Salesforce community

The team is working hard to bring even more features for our Salesforce community. We are especially excited about getting the web-based Inspection designer available just in time for next Resco release. Marek Estok, Salesforce Development Lead @ Resco

Woodford HMTL will be officially released on March 28, together with technical, licensing and pricing details. In the meantime, the pre-release version is already available for testing. Both Sandbox and Production versions can be found at:

For more information follow Resco’s News Website and the blog site.

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