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Resco introduces Woodford HTML: Create and master apps for Salesforce on any platform & device


Bratislava, Slovakia – March 28, 2019 – Resco, the leading provider of enterprise mobile solutions and Salesforce ISV partner, has recently released Woodford HTML – a next-generation customization tool for all Salesforce users.

We’re excited to announce that the browser-based Woodford – the no-to-low-code customization solution – is generally available to all customers as of Thursday, March 28th! Salesforce and Resco users can now build and manage mobile projects on all major platforms & browsers, including Mac OS and the Safari web browser.

We believe that providing tools that cover the whole lifecycle of a mobile solution simplifies the implementation, user adoption & engagement with business apps. Woodford HTML brings the ‘whole package’, representing a solution for smarter development and smoother operations within companies from various industries. Marek Estok, Salesforce Development Lead @Resco

Woodford is a pivotal part of the Resco platform that enables users to create mobile apps with full offline capability for Salesforce – with zero code. This powerful configurator brings a myriad of new high-level features and functionality, especially for admins. Admins are now able to build mobile experiences based on custom objects, individual dashboards, and a robust and flexible user interface for any field user. Anyone with a browser-equipped device gains access to Woodford HTML.

Here is a summary of the need-to-know highlights of Woodford HTML’s uplifted functionality:

Smarter Development:

  • GitHub integration: users can now commit mobile projects to this well-known software version control service or restore them from GitHub – which results in the improved lifecycle management of projects, enables progress tracking, and more.
  • Export/import any artifact (Dashboard, List, View, Form, Chart) – serves for replicating design artifacts between projects or for a quick backup.
  • Import layouts as multiple forms – the app will choose the correct form (layout) automatically.
  • Overhauled Mobile Report Designer – users can add, edit and remove reports, manage report styles and sources with this fast and user-friendly editing tool.
  • Enhanced User Experience – the HTML version enables a more convenient experience for users coming alongside the improved navigation.
  • Optimized publishing times – the new version brings faster publishing speed.

Smoother Operations:

  • Sync dashboard, including sync conflict resolution – enables admins to help users in the field to resolve synchronization conflicts and any errors that may occur. Find out more info in this blog.
  • Device control center – previously known as the Security section, where admins can see the status of each user (last sync, device Id, device OS, and other details).


Licensing and Availability

Resco provides a free 30-day trial allowing partners and customers to evaluate all capabilities of the product, including its configuration options.

The free 30-day trial of Resco is available here.

Resco partners have free access to the entire technology stack (including the Resco app and Woodford) for as many as 15 of their business consultants.

Users can check the prices for the Resco app here.

To access Woodford, Resco customers are required to obtain at least one additional SuperUser (Administrator) license at 250€/$300 per user per month or a Team license at 500€/$600 per 5 users per month. The Single SuperUser license also includes 20 developer licenses for the Resco app. The Team SuperUser license comes with 50 of these dev licenses.

Before the initial use of Woodford, it is necessary to connect to your Salesforce organization via the Resco Mobile app first.

Both Sandbox and Production versions can be found at: The Woodford Quick Guide for Salesforce users is available here:

For more information follow Resco’s News Website and blog.

About Resco

Resco, founded in 1999, is one of the global leaders in developing cross-platform mobile software solutions. The team of Resco professionals utilizes their knowledge to design products for corporate customers, developers, integrators, and end users. Today, Resco is utilized by 2,200+ corporate customers with more than 150,000 licensed users around the world. Resco specializes primarily in Mobile Application Development Platforms, Mobile Sales, Field Service, Inspections, Route Planning, and City Smart Services.

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