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Resco Partner Awards 2023 

Bratislava, Slovakia – August 9, 2023Resco Partner Awards return for the fifth time to recognize leading Resco partners for their effort, results, and unique approach in the previous year, this time at the resco.NEXT conference in sunny Marbella, Spain. 

Resco Partner Awards 2023

The company will award Resco partners who implement its technology and help clients around the world transform their business with advanced digital solutions and mobility. 

This year, Resco will recognize partners in three award categories: 

  • Partner of the Year 
  • Breakthrough Partner of the Year 
  • Business Impact of the Year 

The winners will be featured in follow-up press releases and will receive a marketing kit (award logos, press template, designation badge, photos & video, etc.), so they can promote their accomplishment. They will also receive additional prizes, including complimentary passes for the resco.NEXT 2024 conference, market development funds, and soon-to-be-announced special rewards. 

The awards aim to bring greater visibility and highlight the expertise of software integrators from the Resco partner ecosystem. Becoming an award winner helps partners to: 

  • Establish their company as a leader in enterprise mobility
  • Create new & stronger business opportunities 
  • Achieve increased market recognition 
  • Generate positive press coverage 

The results will be publicly announced on October 24, 2023, during the Resco Partner Awards 2023 ceremony at the resco.NEXT 2023 conference. Each category will have one winner. 

Partner Awards Partner of the Year

The most prestigious award goes out to Resco’s top global partner, considering the number and size of successfully implemented Resco projects. It also places high emphasis on customer retention and satisfaction. 


  • The total volume of Resco licenses sold and number of new Resco customers from September 2022 to September 2023 
  • Retention of existing customer base 
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Total number of Resco Academy certifications earned 
Partner Awards Breakthrough Partner

This award recognizes a partner that emerged and expanded its partnership with Resco since September 2022, resulting in outstanding growth in its customer base and/or revenue. If you recently started working with Resco and got off to a strong start or have been a long-time partner and reinforced your partnership, it won’t go unnoticed. 


  • Revenue growth rate compared to the previous calendar year 
  • Growth and retention of existing customer base 
  • Number and size of reported customer opportunities 
  • Total number of Resco Academy certifications earned 
  • Number of online Resco trainings and webinars attended 
Business Impact Award at Partners Awards

This award recognizes the results of a strong partnership between a partner and their client, who they helped transform their business. 

Submissions in this category should describe, using facts, figures, and client testimonials, how the partner used Resco to build solutions that fundamentally improved how their clients do business and achieve success. Project creativity, strong business practices, innovation, and leadership will be considered. Any customer project implemented from September 2022 to September 2023 is eligible. 


  • Measurable (e.g., time saved; increase in clients revenue, number of customers visited, presentations made; decreased sync time, etc.) 
  • Qualitative (proven by a customer testimonial or quote, e.g. improved collaboration among teams, increased data quality, increased worker satisfaction, etc.) 
  • Project size: number of active Resco users in the client’s organization 

Submissions and important dates 

Business Impact of the Year award submission form is available at There is no need to apply to the Partner of the Year and Breakthrough Partner of the Year categories, as they are evaluated based on KPIs. 

Important dates: 

  • August 16th: Entries for Business Impact Award open 
  • September 30th: Entries for Business Impact Award closed 
  • 1st half of October: Informing selected winners
  • October 24: Winners announced at resco.NEXT 2023 

For any additional information on Resco Partner Awards, please email


Resco, founded in 1999, is one of the global leaders in developing cross-platform mobile software solutions focused on enterprise mobility and the mobile workforce. The company’s products enable companies to use and collect vital business data in the field and digitize paper-based processes through state-of-the-art technology. Today, 800+ corporate customers with over 160,000 licensed users worldwide use Resco to digitize their field operations. 

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