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Resco Named 3rd Most Profitable IT Company of the Year

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — October 17, 2016 — Resco, a world-renowned provider of mobile solutions for service and sales reps in the field, was recently recognized among the most profitable companies of 2015.  Well-known IT companies, Eset and Sygic, had taken second and first place. Resco was presented being named the 3rd most Profitable IT Company of the Year. This award was received at the 2016 IT Gala in Bratislava, hosted by publishing house Digital Visions s.r.o.

“In every IT company, profit and success go hand in hand,” says Resco CEO Radomir Vozar.  “We are happy to see our company getting more and more recognition, worldwide.” Vozar explains that award winning profitability comes with great responsibility, one Resco and Vozar do not take lightly.“We believe every little bit of success should be shared with those who truly are behind it. Therefore, we divide 25% of Resco’s profits among all of our dedicated team, year after year.”

As a leader in business innovation, Resco goes a step further in dispersal of wealth. In addition to fair distribution within the company, Resco significantly invests the company’s capital into research and development annually.

About Resco

Resco, founded in 1999, is one of the global leaders in developing cross-platform mobile software solutions for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle CX, and other back-end systems. The team of Resco professionals utilizes its knowledge by designing products for corporate customers, developers, integrators, end users and today, Resco Mobile solution for field sales and service is utilized by more than 1500 corporate customers around the world.

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