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Resco introduces NIVY Watch – the first smartwatch designed for professional use

Bratislava, Slovakia – November 12, 2020 – Resco, the leading provider of enterprise mobile solutions, today introduced its brand-new product, NIVY Watch. With the first smartwatch designed specifically for professional use, Resco will enable businesses to optimize work processes, safety, and productivity through the collection and analysis of essential work data.

The company introduced its first hardware product during the annual resco.next conference. Resco’s Head of Board, Radomir Vozar, unveiled the vision, design, functionality, and the entire ecosystem of the NIVY Watch platform in his online session. For the initial phase, a product evaluation kit is available to partners and customers interested to try NIVY Watch.

The NIVY Watch ecosystem

NIVY Watch is not only a smartwatch but a combination of specialized hardware and software. The dedicated team in Resco developed a complete enterprise solution for partners and customers. Its ecosystem consists of four main components:

  • Industrial smartwatch – a wearable device designed and built for work environments with unique ergonomics and operation, so workers feel comfortable wearing and using it
  • Android-based firmware – a software with optimized battery consumption to withstand heavy usage, simplified UI to avoid distractions, and a specialized application for data collection
  • Scalable Multi-charging Station – modular equipment allowing to charge even hundreds of devices at once, suitable for factories, warehouses, or offices
  • Cloud-based Data Factory – dedicated platform for managing collected information, data analytics, integration with third-party analytics tools, and management of smartwatches

The current era, heavily influenced by automation and robotization of production processes, brings new opportunities. Smart devices can no longer be viewed separately in terms of hardware and software. They are compact units where dedicated hardware and software are in harmony and cannot work effectively without each other. NIVY Watch is our answer to this worldwide trend.

Kamil Jadron, Director of NIVY Watch division at Resco

The NIVY Watch capabilities

Thanks to its functionality, companies can use NIVY Watch in several scenarios:

Audit of work processes

NIVY Watch uses its hardware components and software algorithms for the detailed, continuous, and long-term audit of work activities. Data can be collected in anonymous or personalized mode to fulfill GDPR requirements. Furthermore, companies can evaluate data in different ways, resulting in higher productivity, better safety of employees, and higher quality of their output.

Indoor monitoring and distance measuring

The team behind the NIVY Watch put a high emphasis on the indoor positioning functionality. They developed a specialized Bluetooth antenna working with external Bluetooth beacons. This configuration ensures precise position mapping even indoors.

Companies will be able to use location data to create heatmaps and optimized workflows in factories or office premises. And in the times of a pandemic, NIVY Watch can also serve as devices ensuring social distancing.

Extended use across operations

Businesses can also extend NIVY Watch functionality to use the watches for attendance systems, company to employee communication, stress monitoring, risk & hazard alerts, or as work activity time trackers.

A platform for partners

This new Resco product also offers an innovative platform for proactive partners. The partners can analyze collected data with third-party analytic tools (BI, data mining), typical of partners’ competencies.  And based on these insights they can provide further tailored professional services to their customers.

NIVY Watch generates a huge amount of data detailing work processes. And our partners are the best at putting in context and delivering actionable recommendations based on this data. That’s why we will also support our partners with initial configuration and open system availability, when integrating NIVY Watch.

Anna Kontsekova, Partner Channel Lead at Resco


The implementation of NIVY Watch system for customers is straightforward and fast. A new Data Factory organization will be available for every customer, and Resco will also deliver pre-configured smartwatches directly to the customers.

The entire system is operational immediately after the first workers put on their NIVY Watch. The managers can see the results in Data Factory the following day. After a few weeks or months, organizations can carry out sophisticated analyses of the collected data.

Open system

In contrast with single-purpose systems, NIVY Watch is an open solution that can be extended with any new functionalities customers might request. Partners and customers will be able to develop custom apps with popular tools such as Xamarin, JAVA, and Resco’s own Multi-eXperience Developer Platform soon.

NIVY Watch is a unique concept and the first offering in this area. We’re excited to start a new era of smartwatch use in business. We believe that with NIVY Watch, we can bring many new opportunities to our partners and customers to improve their operations and business results.

Miro Pomsar, CEO of Resco

Price and availability

The price of the final version of NIVY Watch will be similar to the most popular consumer brands like Apple, Samsung, or Garmin.

The currently available product evaluation kit contains one piece of NIVY Watch, one Multi-charging Station slot (with nine charging docks), one desktop Developer Charging Station, three Bluetooth beacons, and one Data Factory cloud organization.

For more information, please visit nivy.watch.

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