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Resco Announces Resco Inspections on Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

Resco’s customers can now benefit from new Inspections Lightning Apps Package. Integrating questionnaires, surveys & further advanced functionality with Salesforce, managers can better guide their frontline teams.

Bratislava, September 29, 2020 – Resco today announced it has launched Resco Inspections on Salesforce AppExchange, empowering customers to better connect field & office workers with relevant data. With Resco Inspections, Salesforce customers are able to create checklists, carry out inspections and file reports in no time.

Natively integrated with the Salesforce platform, Resco Inspections is currently available on AppExchange here.

Resco Inspections

Resco’s new solution enables customers to:

  • Access manuals with multimedia, notes, smart checklists, work orders, client information and even AR remote assistance calls, chatter, AI features and more from one app
  • Capture what’s happening outside the office with relevant data and visual results to identify what needs improvements

Inspections being listed on the AppExchange, enables customers:

  • Use manager friendly system with Questionnaire Designer & Design Viewer as a part of their Salesforce experience
  • Create checklists, surveys, audits to remote teams directly in Salesforce – no matter the device or platform they use to perform inspections, installations, audits, repairs & more

Comments on the News

Managers sitting at their desks often struggle to have a good overview of what is happening outside the office. Every morning, they set up tasks for their remote teams – it could be field technicians performing product installations, inspections or audits of all kinds. Managers would often spend extensive time to create tasks and put together instructions for their teams, using Excel ™ or paper forms. However, they can’t immediately see whether the instructions are being followed, whether the tasks are executed professionally, or if the customers are happy. All reports are delayed and data often out-of-date. And how are they supposed to further improve company processes without such data?

Managers & mobile workers must be on the same page. We created the questionnaire and form builder with mobility at its heart that is integrated with Salesforce – because it can help companies unite different teams towards the ultimate end goal of happy customers. Miro Pomsar, CEO at Resco


Resco makes us look professional in the field. We did not just modernize our image; we found a solution that saves us up to 5 days of wait for results from each customer visit. There is less administrative work and we have all the information at one place whenever needed. The app is user-friendly, easy to implement with Salesforce and we would recommend, because for us, it is the best ready-made solution to have if you work fully offline. Jean Manuel Baron, IT director at Effy

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