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Get to know Resco’s Summer Update 2018

Bratislava, Slovakia – June 26, 2018 – With the beginning of the summer, Resco – the global provider of mobile solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM and Salesforce – has released its 2018 Summer Update.

Of the 42 new features and enhancements, the ability to create new records directly from the map, improved form and list view navigation and controls, fully customizable Inspections scheduler, and further extended integration with Salesforce, are among the most significant improvements.

The latest additions from Resco’s Summer Update are available on iOS, Android, and Windows to existing Resco customers and partners.

What’s new in the Summer Update 2018?

Mobile App

Favorites stored as records – previously Favorites have been stored only in the device’s local memory, now they can be stored also on the CRM server as records and synchronized to the user’s other devices

New line layout in reports – in mobile reports, new fields are arranged in a more clear-cut way

RFID scanner Bluetooth support (Android) – external RFID scanners can be paired with Android devices via Bluetooth and provide data for the Resco Mobile CRM application

Close open quotes before closing the opportunity – the app can ask users to close open quotes before closing the related opportunity

Exchange integration

Do not mark as completed – you can set up the Resco app to automatically not mark past Exchange appointments as completed

Server URL configuration – system administrators can set up the URL address of the Exchange server directly in the Woodford configurator

User login configuration – configure the app to use the user’s CRM login credentials when signing in to Exchange as well


new records from map
Create new records (Account, Contact, Lead) directly in the map view with a long press on the map


Inline edit for MultiSelect picklist – from now on the users can edit also MultiSelect picklist fields (picklist fields that allow more than one selected value)


Multi-selection using keyboard (Desktop) – users of the desktop version can select multiple items on a list view using Shift+Up and Shift+Down keyboard shortcuts

Visualize focused item (Desktop) – the desktop version of Resco Mobile CRM now highlights the last focused item on a list view

Tooltip on hover if text does not fit (Desktop) – when the user moves the mouse pointer over an item with a text that does not fit in the available space, a tooltip will appear to show the complete text

Resizable columns (Android, Desktop) – users can change the size of the list view columns


Resizable splitter between list and form (Android) – on Android tablets users can change the width ratio between list and form views with a simple swipe of a finger

Write-in DateTime field (Desktop) – in fields where users enter a date and/or time, they can now not only select the values from a picker but also type them in manually

Form fields keyboard navigation (Desktop) – users of the desktop version can navigate through all form fields using the keyboard

Form commands and view selector keyboard navigation (Desktop) – users can also navigate through all the form commands and the view selector utilizing their computer’s keyboard

MultiLine text field search dialog (Desktop) – it is now possible to search text in multiline fields after pressing Ctrl+F

Clear Lookup field with Delete key (Desktop)


Documents & reports

Document edit roundtrip (iOS) – Changes made to a document in an external editor (e.g. to a text document in Word) will be now saved and visible in Mobile CRM as well

MediaTab.IsEditable rule – in the Woodford configurator, system admins can set up a rule that defines whether the record’s media tab will be editable

MediaTab.commandMask rule – admins can also utilize a rule in Woodford that defines what actions will be allowed on the media document, so these actions can change based on certain conditions (e.g. don’t allow clearing the media tab if Appointment is closed)

Native PDF reader (Android) – PDF documents can be opened directly in the app thanks to Resco’s own, built-in reader/viewer

Load previews for cloud documents (via cell style image query) – it is possible to display also cloud documents on views as thumbnails

Static images in EntityForm – on forms it is possible to display also images taken from the mobile project (so far, it was only possible to take images from database)

DocuSign for PDFs and reports – PDF documents and mobile reports can be signed using DocuSign when internet connection is available


IFrames implemented via Chromium (Windows 7) – previously IFrames were displayed utilizing the Internet Explorer engine; now the Chromium browser engine (which provides the source code for the proprietary Google Chrome browser) can be used instead


New SharePoint API – SharePoint Rest APIs have been partially implemented to speed up synchronization; full implementation later on will also provide OAuth2 support

Faster sync for large installations – revised Cleanup, Attachment download, and Incremental database re-index for smoother synchronization


resco scheduler
Scheduler is fully customizable via the Woodford configurator

Horizontal list configurable in Woodford – administrators can set up custom views (appointments, tasks, etc.) as the source for the Scheduler

Optimize resource tasks – the app can re-organize tasks that belong to a specific resource; e.g. if a technician (resource) has 3 tasks assigned they will be scheduled to follow one another, not spread out into multiple days with unnecessary empty time slots in-between

Re-book task – the application can automatically re-schedule a task for another time, if the resource is not available for the originally requested time slot

Substitute resource – if required, the application can also re-assign a task to a different staff member (resource) who has the required skills and time slot available


Salesforce integration

Localization – all languages of active Salesforce users are automatically available in the app
multiple images salesforcemultiple images salesforce
Select multiple photos for files, attachments and documents – users can choose multiple pictures and add them to the record with just one tap

Dependent picklist support – the Resco mobile client supports picklists that offer options based on the value selected in another field; e.g. with when you select a country, the field “City” will offer to choose only from cities in that country

Shortcut to create contacts and tasks from incoming calls – on Android devices a dialog window can appear after an incoming call that prompts users to log the caller into the Mobile CRM as a contact, or create a related task

Support for Resco Inspections and Inspections Designer


Better formatting of Salesforce validation errors

Resco Cloud server

Azure AD login – it is now possible to utilize Azure AD for user authentication and management in Resco Cloud, even using Oauth authentication protocol

Security roles for Teams – Resco Cloud now enables to set up security roles for entire teams

About Resco Mobile CRM

Resco Mobile CRM is the all-in-one solution that gives users around-the-clock access to CRM data wherever they are. The application can be used to add a mobile edge to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, or as part of Resco standalone platform – Resco Cloud. It offers reliable offline functionality, interactive maps, support of custom entities & many other capabilities that make it the product people love to use.

About Resco

Resco, founded in 1999, is one of the global leaders in developing cross-platform mobile software solutions. The team of Resco professionals utilizes its knowledge by designing products for corporate customers, developers, integrators, end users. Today, Resco Mobile CRM is utilized by more than 2000 corporate customers around the world.

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