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Client Portal, support for RealWear, expanded route planning and more revealed in Resco’s Spring Update 2021

New go-to hub for all your clients

Bratislava, Slovakia – March 31, 2021 – Resco, the leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, has officially launched the latest product improvements and features in its Spring Update 2021. The highlights of the release include the new Client Portal for Resco Inspections and Field Service, RealWear support, the availability of AR remote calls and instructions on Android, and enhanced route planning capabilities.

Client Portal to keep customers in the loop

Client portal in resco spring update feature

The new Client Portal is a tool that streamlines the communication and collaboration flow between companies and end customers, suppliers, contractors, or any other external stakeholders. It’s the place where clients can access all their account-related documents, raise tickets, or get support. The Client Portal is connected with Inspections’ Manager’s Experience tool. So when a client creates a new request, the manager gets instantly notified and can quickly respond.

The Customer Portal can be fully configured to reflect the requirements of a company and its clients.

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RealWear support & AR video calls on Android boost collaboration

Resco is preparing an Inspections-based app for RealWear HMT-1 devices that will be introduced to the public later this spring. Equipped with functionalities for hands-free scenarios and voice operation, this revolutionary app will help frontline workers perform visual workflows, including AR video calls. It is the first solution of its kind available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Resco Cloud workflows on RealWear.

RealWear HMT-1 device on a helmet with Resco Inspections based app

Since winter 2020, Resco’s AR video calls have been available for iOS devices and PC web browsers. Now, Android users can take full advantage as well. Starting this spring, they can draw real-time AR instructions into the calls conducted via Resco apps to guide technicians in the field.

To make AR instructions even clearer and more precise, users across all platforms can add pre-defined arrows to the shared scene and adjust their size and direction.

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Flexible route planning and legally binding offline signatures

With the Spring Update, Resco is also enhancing its route planning options. From now on, users can change the address of their start location and final destination if it’s different from the one pre-filled in the system. When planning a route, the solution now also takes into account additional information – the visited client’s opening hours and fixed appointments in the mobile user’s calendar.

Furthermore, offline report signing via DocuSign has arrived to iOS and iPadOS. In their Resco apps, field workers can now add legally binding signatures on iPhones and iPads, regardless of Internet connection.

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The Spring Update 2021 of Resco Inspections, Resco Multi-Experience Development platform, and Resco Routes is now available to all Resco partners and customers.

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