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Autumn Update 2020 unveiled, bringing several innovative features to the Resco’s product portfolio

Bratislava, Slovakia – October 8, 2020 –Resco, the leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, has officially introduced its Autumn Update 2020. The highlights of the release include new language localization settings for Inspections’ questionnaires, support of new devices for Houston AR video calls, expanded customization options, or DocuSign-powered offline signatures.

Inspections: Localization for accessing templates in different languages and enhanced Manager’s Experience

Inspections’ new Localization feature enables users to display the same questionnaire template and report in various languages. The feature helps in streamlining the work of international companies that are operating across different countries with a multilingual workforce.

Furthermore, the new Manager’s Experience app comes with an extended variety of configuration options, so managers can customize their views to fit their need for specific insights and data.

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Innovations: Back-office more flexible in addressing field workers’ issues

The Autumn release also brings improvements for back-office experts utilizing the Houston remote assist functionality. As they use desktops or laptops most of the time for the office work, accessibility is a key factor in their ability to help field colleagues from afar.

They can now flexibly adapt to the environment they’re working in. Remote experts are able to conduct Houston video calls not only from iPads and iPhones, but also from the Inspections web app on their primary devices – desktops and laptops. This allows them to provide remote assistance more comfortably and respond to workers’ needs faster. And with the ability to take notes during and after Houston video calls, it is even easier to get concise data about most prevalent problems.

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Platform: Let the spirit of your business shine through

Autumn Update of Resco’s Multi-experience Development Platform arrives packed with powerful features.

Among them, the new Home Screen Designer, empowers admins to conveniently tailor and preview the very first thing users see after launching their mobile app – bringing streamlined visual customization when designing every app’s starting point: the Home screen.

Also introducing DocuSign-powered offline signatures, the new Timeline component, re-designed default Mobile Sales app project, previews in Report Designer, and numerous other new features and improvement, there’s lots to unpack in the 2020 Autumn Update.

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There is a variety of new functionalities enriching specific products and backends. You can find the ultimate guide to what’s new here.


The Autumn Update 2020 of Resco Inspections, Resco Multi-Experience Development platform,  and Resco Routes is now available to all Resco partners and customers.

Get the new version of the Resco Inspections app for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Get the new version of the Resco Routes app for iOS and Android.

Get the new version of the Resco Mobile CRM client for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Download the latest version of Woodford here.

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