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AI, AR & new UI: Expanding Innovation with Winter ’19 Update

Winter Update

Bratislava, Slovakia – December 5, 2019 – Resco, the leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, has today revealed the innovations & improvements coming to its solutions with Resco Winter Update ’19.

With every quarterly update of Resco products comes a whole host of enhancements to empower field teams and admins. Winter 2019 looks at technology from a different angle, changing the way we work nowadays. Resco lets end users perform operations completely hands-free, or Inspections admins to have more power and freedom over questionnaire thanks to Artificial Intelligence. All wrapped in a revamped modern & intuitive User Interface of the application, said Juraj Mojik, Head of product at Resco.

This update lets field teams & admins deliver even more meaningful moments within their daily job. Expanded innovations give admins more power and end users more freedom with their tailor-made use cases. Innovative thinking influences your company performance rapidly.

INNOVATIONS: Deliver moments that matter thanks to smartwatches, smart glasses & AI

All field users, from sales reps to inspectors can enrich any use case with wearables. A combination of voice control and Apple Watch and HoloLens provides workers with freedom & flexibility.

Voice-controlled data input and no actual need to hold an additional device can help you in various scenarios. It allows any worker to fill in questionnaires but also to keep hands free for the task at the same time. When working with HoloLens, workers can place interactive tags to the viewed scene and attach more details and context to the tagged item. Admins can now also incorporate AI image recognition to inspection questionnaires.

More information on Innovations available here.

REVAMPED UI: Drive user engagement with UI improvements of the app & Woodford

Architecture and functionality are alpha and omega of any product, including mobile software. However, it is the design and overall look ‘n feel that drives user engagement. Our partners can save hours of work thanks to the new elegant & aesthetic look of default projects. This comes in handy for end users too, while they get to engage with an app faster thanks to cleaner & more intuitive interface. Any data insights can now be visualised with new smarter graphs.

The color theme editor Woodford now encompasses previews, which is essential for a WYSIWYG experience.

More information on revamped User Interface available here.

INSPECTIONS: Have more control over questionnaires & more freedom with Inspections processes

If you work with questionnaires and have a high number of templates, you understand it is crucial to be able to easily navigate through them. That is why, Winter ’19 Inspections Update focuses on admin productivity, so that they can work without compromises. They now have a 360° overview of all templates that are even more intuitive to work with – thanks to a new hierarchy of folders & sub-folders.

You, with your unique scenario can now set custom actions that suit your inspection process. “Complete”, “Complete with a report” and “Cancel” the questionnaire thanks to a new Command Editor. More freedom also comes when designing questionnaires with better access to group items.

More information on improvements coming to Resco Inspections available here.

There is a variety of new functionalities enriching specific products and backends. You can find the ultimate guide to what’s new here.


The Winter ’19 Update of Resco Mobile App Development platform, Resco Inspections and Resco Routes is now available to all Resco partners and customers.

Get the new version of the Resco Inspections app for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Get the new version of the Resco Routes app for iOS and Android.

Get the new version of the Resco Mobile CRM client for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Download the latest version of Woodford here.

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Resco founded in 1999, is one of the global leaders in developing cross-platform mobile software solutions. The team of Resco professionals utilizes their knowledge to design products for corporate customers, developers, integrators, and end users. Today, Resco is utilized by 2,800+ corporate customers with more than 250,000 licensed users around the world. The cornerstone of Resco’s Mobile Business Apps Platform is the Woodford configuration and management tool, which together with the Resco mobile app form the base of all Resco products.

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