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43 new features and improvements available now in Resco’s Autumn Update


Bratislava, Slovakia – September 26, 2018 – Resco, the leading provider of mobile solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, has released its 2018 Autumn Update. Packed with new capabilities it further enhances the Resco Mobile CRM application, Woodford configurator tool, Resco Cloud technology and more.

New icon pack and color themes bring a fresh new look to the mobile client, optimized route planning enables users to rearrange routes and minimize travel time with a single tap, and new data and image compression facilitates faster and more efficient data upload and better management of document sizes. Those are just a few highlights from the grand total of 43 all-new capabilities.

The latest additions from Resco’s Autumn Update are available now on iOS, Android, and Windows to existing Resco customers and partners.


What’s new in the Resco Autumn Update 2018?


Application user interface

Separate design for Home, new color themes and icon pack – the colors and design of the Home screen can be configured separately from the rest of the application; a new icon pack and pre-defined color themes are now also available in Woodford and can be freely combined

Configurable form field label width – in the Woodford configurator a new form field label width setting is available; it enables administrators to set a custom width for labels and a custom width for the input on fields in the app’s forms

Configurable checkbox On/Off images – instead of a toggle button you can now use check box images in the app to indicate whether a setting is switched on or off; e.g. when a setting is turned on, the app will display a checkbox filled with a checkmark, when off it will show an empty checkbox

Charts using preferred currency – in online mode charts can use the user’s preferred currency when displaying financial data

Multi-window support (Windows desktop only) – users can open forms in separate windows using the CTRL + double-click or right-click menu command

Entity hubs on forms – until now hubs that combine records which have something in common were available from Home; now they can be also added as associated tabs on the entity form so you can display not only the record itself, but also associated records that help users access more information from one place; e.g. show in one list all related contacts and leads for an account

Hide Online/Offline switch – system admins can hide both the Online and Offline switch button in the app, if users shouldn’t be switching between modes


Application logic

Route plan optimization – the new Optimize route button enables users to re-arrange their visits and create the most efficient route plan with just one tap to minimize travel times

Add/remove fields in Export record dialog – when exporting records users can choose the fields which will be included and not export the ones they do not require

DocuSign custom API keys – System admins can now configure custom production API keys to use with their mobile projects

Check in/Check out command – a new Check in/Check out command button can be added to any entity for easier time tracking; e.g. the user arrives to the customer, opens the related appointment in the app and hits “Check in”; and when leaving he/she simply taps “Check out” which automatically fills in information like the start/end time and duration of the visit (the fields are configurable in Woodford)

Precise record creation on the map via long-press – when creating a new record on the map view via long-press, users can zoom in/out the map and move around the pin to position it accurately


Legacy PDF viewer (Android) – the app’s native PDF viewer is not compatible with some older PDFs, therefore system admins can now configure a legacy viewer for unrestricted in-app document viewing

Entity and field mapping for lead qualification (for Resco Cloud server) – when qualifying a lead to create a new contact on the Resco Cloud server, Contact fields can be mapped so they are automatically filled out with values from the Lead

Create a new record from the Activity Party multi-lookup form – e.g. users can create a new contact from an e-mail or a logged call

Image compression in mobile reports – images in mobile reports are no longer stored in the original size, but automatically shrunk down to the size used in the report; this helps to keep the overall size of the reports down, especially those with a larger number of images

About button added to Setup – the About section can now be removed from the Home screen, yet the send-log option will still be available as part of the Setup section’s header



App navigation & accessibility

Calendar keyboard navigation (Win 10) – Windows 10 users can now navigate in the app’s calendar also via the keyboard

Calendar keyboard navigation (Android) – on Android devices users can navigate in the app’s calendar also using an external keyboard

Accessibility and Speech (iOS) – the iOS version of the application now implements the new accessibility gestures and utilizes the Speech feature that can read the selected text out loud in over 30 languages


Synchronization and network

Attachment sync filter – the user can specify the entities for which attachments will be synchronized

Compression for outgoing data (Resco Cloud server) – when synchronizing the app with the Resco Cloud server, the data uploaded to the server is compressed for a faster and more efficient upload

Support for attachments stored in Azure – as storage space on Azure is more affordable, companies often utilize its integration with Dynamics 365/CRM to store larger files; therefore in Resco Mobile CRM you can now also work with record attachments that are stored on Azure

Progress bar for the background sync of files – when the application synchronizes attachments or other files in the background, it now displays a status bar that enables the monitoring of the sync progress



Multiple forms for an entity – system admins can configure different versions of forms for an entity; e.g. on Contact different forms can be created for customers, partners, suppliers, etc. and a new form selector rule chooses a particular form based on the entity data at runtime

OnChange rule trigger for fields – the OnChange rule can be set and triggered after every keystroke or after the field is no longer focused on all platforms; the setting can also be customized for each field; on Windows the default setting is After-Keystroke, on iOS and Android it is Focus-Lost

Less-than/Greater-than operators for Date and Time fields – new operators have been added both to the Woodford configurator and the Resco Mobile CRM application (to filters and Advanced Find)

Show/Hide fields on a tab rule –  a new form rule <tabName>.IsExpanded property has been added to Woodford; it enables to display/hide the fields of a tab in the New form UI while keeping the tab header visible

Error message variable for Route-planner OnAdded rule – when planning a route an error message can be displayed to the user and the Add operation is automatically cancelled; e.g. when a particular account isn’t enabled for route planning

New Scheduling Board for Dynamics 365/CRM and Resco Cloud



SaveFileDialog method – the user can change the name and select the location of the file that he/she is about to save via JavaScript

Calendar Iframe – allows the set up of calendar commands via JavaScript and provides access to the current view (Agenda, Day, Week, Month) and current date

Home item Iframe – instead of going to the Home screen, when the application is launched it allows a specific entity to be opened, or a form for a new entity to be opened

Network information access from JavaScript – enables to see whether the device is connected to a network and whether the connection is “fast” (wired/WiFi) or “slow” (3G/4G, a.k.a. metered connection)

Execute Dynamics custom workflow action via JS – Custom workflow actions are Dynamics 365/CRM server-side workflows with input parameters that users can also run via Resco Mobile CRM



Questionnaire access – the Questionnaire entity can be now accessed from JavaScript and Question Style can be also modified via JavaScript

QuestionGroup.IsExpanded property – configurable via Designer, rules and JavaScript; an entire group of questions can be visible or can be hidden by the user, while the group header remains visible; the last state will be saved

New Style Editor – enables even more efficient editing of the questionnaire’s look


Improved API call consumption

Improved handling of synchronization conflicts and more efficient upload of binary files

Support for dependent picklists based on record types – the Resco mobile client supports picklists that offer options based on the value selected in another field and now also based on record types; e.g. to differentiate regular sales deals from service engagements

Standard action buttons for the creation of associated records can be configured via Woodford


About Resco Mobile CRM

Resco Mobile CRM is the all-in-one solution that gives users around-the-clock access to CRM data wherever they are, as a mobile app. It can be utilized with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, Salesforce, or as part of Resco’s desktop solution. It offers reliable offline functionality, interactive maps, support of custom entities & many other capabilities that make it the product people love to use.


About Resco

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