Deliver the next generation of Innovative Work Experiences with resco.Inspections on RealWear

Resco Inspections Avanade RealWear e-book

Today’s organizations must innovate and adopt new technologies to support their first-line workers within field services.

RealWear combined with resco.Inspections can deal with these challenges while increasing productivity, sustaining knowledge within the organization and bringing hands-free digital workflows to frontline workers, in any conditions.

Download this e-book, which was made in cooperation with our strategic partner Avanade, and learn more about the usability and benefits of this innovative solution.

Resco Inspections Avanade RealWear e-book

What you will learn:

  • What is assisted reality and how it can transform the way your clients work
  • How resco.Inspections on RealWear innovates work experiences
  • How to get the best of assisted reality
  • What are the use cases and industries suitable for assisted reality
  • How to get started with resco.Inspections on RealWear

Download the e-book