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Protect your business from COVID-19

Resco protects the health of your staff and clients by helping to limit the transmission of COVID-19 and creating a safe working environment.

Adapt quickly, protect your staff & customers, and keep your business on

We can help you with that

Keep return to a workplace, school, or conferences as smooth as possible

Protect the health of employees, students, clients, or customers

Ensure law and guidelines compliance

Have a real-time update on the company’s status or health hazards

Secure business operation in the long term

Take advantage of enterprise mobile technology

Immediately applicable for Covid-19 use cases

COVID-19 Passport: Digital self-certification for all employees

Quick and agile way to monitor the employees

The Digital Passport is  a quick and agile way to monitor the employees and make sure the ones with symptoms will go for a medical check and do not enter the workplace.

Questionnaire mobile app for Employees

Before entering the workplace, employees fill out the questionnaire via a mobile app confirming their health status and contacts during the past days.

System automatically evaluates the answers

Implemented scoring system automatically evaluates the answers and grants green light badge – passed – to the employee or suggest further medical check.

Supervisor will be alerted

A supervisor will be alerted each time a certification gives a red-light badge. Managers can also monitor statistics and see trends thanks to the online Dynamic Dashboards updated in real-time.

Be always in control with real-time reports

Complete Solution in your hands

Simple & user-friendly interface

AI face mask check

Unbeatable customization

Compliance management and reports

Quick deployment

100% offline functionality

Native app working on any mobile device (phones, tablets, smartwatches, iOS, Android, Windows mobile)

Accelerate your business adoption to the post-COVID-19 era