How to outsmart COVID-19

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We must keep working today, to stay ahead tomorrow. See how Resco helps you stay on top of your game and ensure the health of your workers, no matter the circumstances.

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COVID-19 Health Check

Resco Inspection questionnaire template

This form enables users to easily self-check whether they exhibit symptoms that are commonly related to the coronavirus. And if that is the case, it can offer also further instructions on necessary actions.

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Face Mask Check

AI image recognition model for Resco Inspections

This AI image recognition model enables users to confirm with a photo whether they are wearing a facemask or not, before they can proceed with the job.

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Volunteer Management

Standalone Resco Cloud solution with mobile apps

This free volunteer management and coordination solution is available upon request to all organizations seeking the help of temporary staff. It enables supervisors to manage volunteers and distribute important information to them.

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