Why wearables should be part of every technician’s attire

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Nowadays, many people cannot imagine their life without their trusted smartwatch.

A few years ago, smartwatches were just simple activity monitors with limited smart features that helped people track their sports performance.

Over the past few years, they have evolved into sought-after devices with tons of valuable features that are almost able to replace smartphones.

And smartwatches, along with other wearables, have the potential to transform the field service industry as we know it. Not only can they increase productivity, but they are also able to reduce errors.

These are just some of the reasons why wearables should be part of every field technician´s attire.

Better access to information

With the help of smartwatches or AR glasses, field service technicians have access to a vast knowledge base. There is no need to bring papers to work.

All the information the technician needs is directly accessible on their wearable device. Whether we are talking about instruction manuals, client information, or remote collaboration, wearables such as smart glasses can provide your workers with all of this.

Increased safety

Features such as voice control on wearables increase safety by allowing staff to focus on their tasks. Thanks to these features, technicians can do their job more efficiently as they won´t waste time trying to figure out how to handle everything at once. After all, we only have two hands.

This is where wearables such as RealWear come in. The RealWear assisted reality devices are equipped with a high-definition camera for making visual documentation and a powerful mic that allows workers to use it in noisy environments. This way, workers can complete all their tasks while keeping their hands free. RealWear enables technicians to follow guides, complete inspections or make calls in hazardous environments. The device is dust-resistant and fall-proof.  And the best part? Resco has an app for RealWear already available for customers and partners. The app can be adapted to fit the client´s needs. It is offline enabled and can be directly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Resco Cloud.

Error reduction

With access to information the technicians can open a user manual or a step-by-step guide that will guide them through the task at hand. These standardized instructions help keep workers on track and improve diagnostics. All this information is stored in the cloud so it can be safely shared with everyone who needs access.

Naturally, this helps companies achieve better first-time fix rates and reduce errors that occur when workers try to figure out how to complete tasks they don´t have enough experience with on their own.

Improved worker health

Wearables can monitor technicians’ health, capturing their heart rate, temperature, fatigue levels, and other metrics. Collecting and analyzing this data can help the employers predict health issues and create a safer work environment.

For example, Smart Cap is a device used by miners and long-distance drivers. It monitors fatigue levels and alerts them when they are about to experience a micro-sleep event. This way, it helps them prevent accidents and stay safe.

Enhanced productivity

Last but not least, wearables help boost efficiency and productivity across field service companies. All the benefits we mentioned earlier help workers manage their time better. This saves organizations both time and money, allowing them to complete their tasks efficiently. Analyzing the data collected from wearables will help you improve internal processes and eliminate errors that affect efficiency.

What´s next? Smart uniforms

As wearables are becoming more and more commonplace in the field service industry, some companies are starting to look even further. They are testing clothes such as caps with fatigue level monitoring, jackets with built-in LED lights, or t-shirts with solar batteries that can charge your smartphone, camera, and other devices. However, there is a long way to go until smart clothing becomes mainstream, so it´s safe to say we can focus on wearable devices for now.

Make the most of your wearables with Resco Field Service 2.0

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