Spring Update 2022: Smarter Inspections, interactive plans, Guides support, and much more

Resco schedule board, floor plans, and guides running on different devices

Resco is bringing several exciting new features in the Spring Update. Whether you´re a user, customer or partner, there is something for everyone. Check out what´s new in each initiative!

Resco for Dynamics 365 CE

Resco Inspections is getting a few useful innovations in the Spring update.

More control over reporting settings

We are introducing a new feature that allows customers to have greater control over reporting settings. Now you can configure the Run report command using our improved UI instead of having to rewrite code. Thanks to this, you will spend much less time setting up reporting, while still having the same amount of control.

Inspections report config

Reuse answers efficiently

Another useful new feature helps you efficiently reuse answers in Questionnaire designer. We are introducing a new set of rules called On Create that lets you specify the reuse fetch more precisely. This means that you can load answers from an earlier inspection and don´t have to input the same information all over again. Instead of choosing the inspection or questionnaire you want to reuse manually, you can set up specific conditions to fetch you exactly the item you need.

Reduce wait times in Result Viewer

With the query updating and running automatically each time the customer enters a condition, filtering questionnaire results in Inspections can be very time-consuming. To give you more control and reduce wait times, we are introducing a feature that lets you disable automatic searching. You can define all the conditions first and then run the query simply by clicking Search. If you want to use the autorun condition, you can turn it on manually.


Extended capabilities with Business Central integration

Resco integration with Business Central opens new opportunities for how to connect various platforms and business solutions. And with the latest update, two noticeable extensions are available for partners, and also customers that take advantage of Resco’s no-code development capabilities.

1. Share data about orders or work statuses

Partners and customers can now map the new ENUM field between Resco and Business Central. This enhanced mapping option enables organizations to sync data from a list of values between solutions. And that may include data about orders status or job progress.business central integration with resco cloud

For example, you can connect field solutions with order management software and seamlessly exchange data between them. Is the order accepted, dispatched, or canceled? Technicians can see that in the field and also update the status if necessary.

2. No workarounds are needed, sync the date and time within one field

Data mapping can be a very challenging task at times. And Date & Time fields bring such challenges sometimes.

Business Central utilizes 2 fields to save the date and time stamps for events or actions, which contrasts with Resco’s and other platforms’ single DateTime field.

This causes issues in synchronizing important information between platforms. But no workarounds are needed anymore when using Resco and Business Central integration.

It is now possible to merge two external fields of Date and Time into Resco’s DateTime field to match what Business Central uses.

Log in to Client Portal faster

The customer base of Client Portal grows and serves an important role for contractors or suppliers. But the sign-in process and password remembering can be too laborious when they are in a hurry. However, you can set up a faster authentication process for clients now.

They will just need to use their email to receive an one-time login code or link to access Client Portal. This way, they can sign in in seconds and check everything related to their account in one place. And with future updates, this option will be extended to SMS codes too.


Enhanced floor plans

Floor maps are an essential tool for technicians operating in complex facilities. Because with proper guidance, it is faster and easier to find an asset and don’t lose time searching for it. The latest update further enhance this experience.

enhanced floor plans with tags and legend in resco FieldService solution

Technicians can now interact with floor plans in new ways. If they need to detail some part of the plan to get a precise asset location, a new zoom-in functionality comes in handy.

Another improvement – editable tags – allow field teams to enrich their floor plans with additional information, e.g., specify asset details. And with newly available map legend, every map symbol will have a clear meaning.

Time preference and quick edits in Schedule Board

How long does it take to schedule a work order? One isn’t a problem. But with a rising number of work orders in a pipeline, the complexity climbs up. It’s the automation that can speed up the process. And Schedule Board offers another improvement in this process.

Schedule board time preference

A new time preference setting available in the work order form allows you to define when it is possible to perform a task. And when planning the work order in Schedule Board, all available times and resources will be automatically highlighted, so the dispatcher can plan WOs in seconds.

revamped tooltip in resco field service schedule board

Furthermore, if edits will be needed in the current agenda, the dispatcher doesn’t have to leave Schedule Board to make changes. Quick edits of WO status, work time, or duration are available in revamped work order tooltip.


Add Guides to your current solution without extra license

Since this spring, all Resco Cloud customers will gain access to a brand-new module – Guides. The module operates in preview mode, so for now, you can enjoy it hassle-free without buying a new license.

Houston guides

What are Guides?

Guides are a perfect solution for training inexperienced team members and supporting them when dealing with complex and infrequent problems or machines. They contain step-by-step work instructions with text content, PDF attachments, and images.

Due to its strong offline capabilities and detailed guidance, the module always provides your techs support to perform tasks efficiently and comply with regulations. Guides also work seamlessly with other Resco modules so that users don’t have to go back and forth between multiple apps. houston guides in resco spring update 2022

How to access them?

All you have to do is select Guides from the Project menu in Woodford and click on “Enable Guides”.

There, you can also select the entities for which you want to define guides. For example, if you want guides for your products and sites, select the Product and the Site entity – you can add multiple.

To have access to the Guides editor right from your home screen, click the “Add To Home” button. In the Guides editor, you can create, modify, and publish guides. Those can then be associated with specific accounts, appointments, contacts, etc. Check out how to create a new guide and associate it with assets in technical specification.

Take your business to the next level with Resco technology

Apart from the highlights above, with Resco’s Spring Update 2022, customers and partners can take advantage of other new capabilities in questionnaires, Routes AI, Resco Cloud, and more.

Discover all the new features available in the Spring Update 2022 here.

Also, register for the Spring Update webinar on April 12 where our Product team will walk you through the benefits and use case demos for new additions live.