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You’ve most certainly heard the saying the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers, and that people flourish when they are praised.
It’s a natural cycle of ‘worklife‘. In fact, it’s proven that if you treat your employees with respect, it can be their biggest motivation to bring in extraordinary results.
A great part of Resco’s company philosophy is to point out the importance of employee benefits. Other than regular company events, in-depth trainings, sports activities, language courses, and international conferences – Resco’s team relishes in a healthy work environment.

Welcome to our colorful workplace

Now, it’s time to invite you – our valued customers & partners behind Resco’s office doors. Have you ever wondered, where do all the emails come from?
Check out these stunning pictures, and perhaps, consider them as an inspiration! 🙂

The bigger – the better

What do you do when your team keeps growing? Well, first, you obviously give them some seats and tables to work from. But, what about the meetings? You need to think all the details through. And this is where moving to a bigger spacious office comes into the picture.

Due to doubling the team size, Resco with all its staff and devices moved its workplace almost a year and a half ago. Open-space premises meet all the requirements of a comfy work environment. A cozy kitchen and chill-out zone let our employees escape their computer screens and phones to freshen up with a cup of coffee, team and more.

Work hard, play hard

Playful – but still a representative chill out zone offering impressive views of the capital in Slovakia – Bratislava, and its castle. Pictures speak for themselves. Even the coffee is tastier when chatting with colleagues or partners while watching the sunset over the castle.

The guys at Resco, too, appreciate the unconventional bean bags or an ‘igloo house’, where they can get desired rest and work without any interruptions.

Thanks to this unique space, Resco was recently shortlisted in the local “Office of the Year” competition. Curious to know more about what’s hidden behind Resco’s doors? Ask us at Don’t worry, if you have questions about Resco Mobile CRM – we are happy to help answer those, too!

Photo credits go to Jozef Majak that many of you might know as our guy in Business Development (Instagram: @majakphotography).

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