Fix issues faster and work more effectively with the new advanced AR video calls


Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you didn’t know how to deal with a problem? In a situation where you looked for a solution ‘for hours’ and you just couldn’t find any? And then one call to the right person solved everything in a minute. That’s the advantage that calls and video calls bring to our work lives – we can find solutions easier with experts available remotely. And that’s why Resco is making video calls even more advanced now.

In Resco’s Summer Update, we unveil the new AR collaboration and remote video call feature, Resco Houston. While still in beta, with Houston AR video calls, teams can share expert knowledge easier, locate and fix issues faster, and work remotely more effectively. All this is possible thanks to the utilization of AR technology enabling advanced instruction sharing.

To learn more, let’s take a closer look at Resco Houston and the benefits it offers to companies, managers, or workers.

Easier knowledge sharing via AR video calls

Resco Houston enables workers to start an augmented reality (AR) video call from the Resco Inspections app and get support from other team members. Such as senior technicians in the back office, or outsourced experts.
With the new functionality, colleagues can communicate not just via voice and video, but they are also able to share instructions with AR marks. These AR drawings make the instructions from experts easier to follow, and precisely guide the on-site worker to set up a machine, fix an issue, or complete a task in the right order.
AR Marks druing Resco Houston video calls enabling workers to identify hot to proceed through the repair
All this makes knowledge sharing across the company streamlined and accessible. The advantage can make a big difference in staff’s workflows, enabling them to:

  • Solve machine repairs faster with the help of remote experts;
  • Reduce stress and a workload of junior technicians afraid they won’t be able to solve an issue;
  • Lower the cognitive noise and get rid of time-consuming reading of complex manuals;
  • Break the language barrier making the instructions easier to comprehend and follow;

Additionally, in the challenging conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, video calls allow for a handy way how to maintain social distancing and provide support to customers in an even safer manner.

More efficient remote work for companies

Resco Houston is now available as a beta version, so you can try its functionality in advance. We will be happy to hear from you with any feedback about the functionality ,or your use cases for future development.
Houston AR video calls are available for all users of Resco Inspections via any iPhone or iPad. To implement the Remote Assistance into your organization, a user or admin of the organization needs to create an Agora account first, then generate an App ID key, and add it to the mobile project in Woodford. System admin also needs to enable the Chat functionality in Project -> Social -> Chat.
Description how to setup a Resco Houston in the Woodford
Afterward, the video call feature is available from any questionnaire for a particular organization. Just select a questionnaire, navigate to the Remote Assist button in the hamburger menu, and choose which contact to call. You can learn more about the technicalities of Resco Houston in our documentation.
There is a new Resco Houston update which bring also support for desktop devices. Lear more about how to use the latest Resco Houston remote assist technology in our blog.

Resco Houston available in: Inspections

Try AR collaboration video calls in Resco Inspections

Innovations are an integral part of long-lasting companies. That’s why Resco aims to provide partners and customers with innovative features allowing them to advance faster.
Houston AR video calls can help companies to solve issues with unexpected machine downtimes, remote work inefficiency, or knowledge-sharing problems.
You can try Resco Houston immediately in your Resco Inspections app. If you haven’t tried the app yet, start your free 30-day trial today.
You can also find the complete overview of features from Resco’s Summer Update 2020 here.