How Resco Brought Mobility to Oracle OpenWorld 2016


Our portfolio of events that we attend each year has stacked up more and more as each year progresses.
And frankly, it’s not because we all love to travel (although we do love jumping from one plane to another) – we simply want to meet more new people.  In fact – we want to meet more ‘Oracle people’ & we want to show others that we too, are “in the cloud”.
We picked up on some know-how & inspiration brought back from the Oracle CX Summit we attended this April & with that in mind, we took Resco Mobile CRM to showcase at the Oracle Open World 16 (OOW16).
When anyone asked, ”Where does Oracle stand with mobility?” we had one goal to achieve – introduce a real advanced Mobile CRM for Oracle CX users. How did it go down?
Oracle is all about maximizing customer experience. What about a mobile experience, though? It’s been building up on its importance very quickly, recently. No worries, when it comes to boosting an experience on mobile devices, Resco people are the ones to come talk to.

Mobile Experience for Oracle CX with Resco at OOW16

Oracle Open World is the main and biggest conference dedicated to all Oracle products. We hung out at CX (Customer Experience)* Central, which was a huge part of the event. *Customer Experience (CX) Cloud is a comprehensive part of the Oracle product portfolio.
Oracle claims to be the fastest growing cloud company and divides its cloud solutions into 4 main parts – Sales, Service, Marketing & Integrations. The Resco Kiosk stood in Sales CX Central and was presenting mobility for Oracle CX Cloud Suite.

Resco Brings Field Service & Mobile Sales to Oracle CX Solutions

We started off by offering Resco Mobile CRM as a fully-functional mobile client for Oracle Sales Cloud back in November 2015. However, as the interest from an Oracle CX community kept growing, we were ready to disrupt the Oracle Service Cloud World & equip field service workers with mobility in their CRM – so they will be able to deliver remarkable service in the field.

Why to Look Beyond Native Mobile Solutions for Oracle CX

Oracle does not support true offline mobility. The Oracle mobile app comes with an offline support that lets you access and ‘examine your CRM data’. By the end of 2016, Oracle aims to introduce functionality that will enable you to make simple operations with recently viewed and accessed objects. Resco, on the other hand, works the same and even in offline mode as it does in an online mode. Including all the features and functionalities. True offline is one among a hoard of several things Oracle CX users can experience on their phones and tablets with Resco that they can’t quite do with the Oracle Cloud Mobile App.
Get in touch with our account manager Mike, and he’ll give you a glimpse into all the capabilities of Resco Mobile CRM that are made for your business & the way you use Oracle CX technologies.
You can also check our website to get your hands on Resco Mobile CRM technology for Oracle CX.