How to Elevate the Customer Experience with Mobile CRM, Starting at Oracle OpenWorld ‘16

Mobile CRM lets you move with your customer in real-time and trace what the customer’s next steps are. And despite the fact that, 52% of customers are less likely to engage with the company because of bad mobile experience, (according to WOW Local Marketing), companies seem to have been a bit slow to adopt the mobile-first approach into their enterprise strategy.
Did you know that according to Software Advice, 90% of customers say they have had poor experience seeking customer support on a mobile? There is nothing better for you to do, than to step in at this point. Go by the golden rule that never gets old: ‘Customer is a King’ and breathe, wake up and go to sleep with that in mind.
Bad customer experiences associated with your business is like the Dark Side for a Jedi’s ‘The Wisdom Masters ‘of Star Wars. Now, imagine, what would a Jedi do to fight the Dark Side? They would most certainly use wisdom as their most powerful source of force. And this is exactly what you should do.

Customer experience must you save from the dark side

Have you ever heard of Jedi Wisdom Masters Meetings?
Well, neither have we. It’s a nickname we just made up to label Customer Experience-oriented events in the language of the Jedi.  If you ever dreamed of improving and mastering the level of customer experience with the service/product you offer, this will be a great starting point. Because it is no longer a question, whether Mobile Experience is important. It’s a fact.
Enhance the experience your customer has with your brand, products, services, and a company; when using a Mobile CRM.
So where do you find all this out?

September 18 – 22, 2016 | Visit Website | San Francisco, CA

Resco booth #WL2-55 in Sales at CX Central

Come for your answers and meet the Resco team at the forthcoming Oracle OpenWorld ’16 that will be all about Customer Experience. If you decide to learn more about Mobile CX, visit our booth in the Sales Department.
To get yourself rightly prepped for the conference, read through a Jedi-inspired Master plan (including an Infographic) with tips to boost CX with Mobile CRM at our blog site.

Where do we stand with Resco Mobile CRM for Oracle CX Solutions?

Day by day, lead by lead, opportunity by opportunity…
We are getting to the bottom of how the Oracle Ecosystem operates. We already had a chance to exhibit at the Oracle OpenWorld last year for the first time, and we returned inspired and with numerous new contacts.
Thanks to valuable contacts, we are able to improve our Mobile CRM for Oracle with each customer/partner (potential and existing) along the way.  How do we keep enhancing Resco Mobile CRM development?
Months ago, we developed the in-house connection between Resco Mobile CRM and Oracle Sales Cloud. It has now become the identical fully-functional Mobile CRM as the one that’s been serving thousands of happy Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer for years. 
Now, join as at Oracle OpenWorld ’16 & use the force like a Jedi!
Join our own Jedi training & improve your CX strategy with Mobile CRM
Contact Resco Masters to save your CX strategy from the Dark Side