Microsoft + Resco officially team up on field service: What’s in it for partners and customers?

Amidst all the excitement, learning, and networking at 2018 Prague came some truly exciting news for the world of enterprise mobility: Resco and Microsoft announced their direct partnership for Dynamics 365 for Field Service mobile.
With this agreement, Resco and Microsoft have taken a giant step towards closer collaboration over the upcoming years. The partnership promises even more direct integration between the Resco mobile platform and Dynamics 365 for Field Service – where the Resco mobile application and the Resco Woodford tool are used to configure, administer, and complete field service tasks seamlessly with Dynamics 365.
Following the tremendous success of the acquisition of FieldOne (originally a Resco partner) by Microsoft and the exponential growth of Dynamics for Field Service, Resco and Microsoft were eager to formalize the partnership and work together to enable more innovative, proactive field service models for businesses around the globe.
The new partnership was officially announced during the opening keynote of, highlighting the importance of this milestone both for Resco as well as for the many Resco partners and customers in attendance, who work with us on a daily basis. Attendees were thrilled to learn that the strength and reliability of the Resco framework, including Resco’s best-in-class offline capabilities, will remain entrenched in the crucial mobile part of field service.
In practical terms, some highlights of the new agreement include:

  • A much-anticipated upgrade to Field Service mobile. As the new Field Service mobile app is based on Resco version 11, nearly two years’ worth of enhancements, UI improvements, and powerful new features will soon be available to Field Service users and implementers. Look for the new app to be published soon in all the main app stores.
  • Woodford is here to stay. Resco’s Woodford tool will continue to be used to configure and administer Field Service mobile, this time in the new HTML version and integrated directly into D365 for Field Service. Even more exciting is the news that all of the Field Service core processes have been ported over to a Woodford project, meaning the Field Service app will stay up to date with the latest Resco features and enhancements.
  • Microsoft to provide full support services for Field Service mobile. Resco and Microsoft have committed to upskilling and sharing key Resco expertise with Microsoft’s global Field Service teams, to provide a wider range of support options for Field Service mobile.

The partnership was received with great acclaim from the nearly 200 attendees at Microsoft even sent one of their preeminent Field Service experts, Alexander Heinze of Microsoft Germany (Global Black Belt for Dynamics 365 Field Service), to join in the conference and demonstrate our joint commitment to Field Service mobile. Together we led a session on what’s coming next for Field Service, including an in-depth look at the new D365 Field Service app and some ideas for improving the performance of the Field Service app from a Resco point of view.
The ever-evolving Resco mobile framework, now coupled with the R&D power and technological leadership of Microsoft, offers businesses a truly impactful solution as part of their approach to field service and enterprise mobility in general.
Be sure to reach out to myself or the Resco team for more information on the new partnership. We’re looking forward to leading the pack in field service alongside Microsoft for years to come!

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