Keeping schools and banks safe with Resco’s Covid-19 Passport


At the beginning of 2020, Covid-19 has taken the world by storm, changing our everyday lives. It changed the way we do business, how we teach, study, work, travel, and much more. It altered and challenged every aspect of our lives.

While it has been devastating to witness the immeasurable losses, at the same time it’s been also incredible to see how communities came together, helping those in need and working on solutions to fight the crisis.

At Resco, we focus our energy to use technology and innovation as powerful tools that transform businesses and lives. To harness the latest advancements and put technology to use where it’s needed the most. And that’s why, in the spring of 2020, we created the Covid-19 Passport, in response to the spreading pandemic.

Our Covid-19 Passport is a free medical questionnaire built in collaboration with doctors and healthcare professionals. It can be easily used in any Resco-based mobile app or via a web browser. Its purpose is to help protect people’s lives by limiting the transmission of Covid-19 and creating safe working environments.

One tool, different environments

As of today, the solution is used in a variety of environments. In the fall of 2020, we’ve successfully implemented it at multiple schools and banks across the United States.

In those two very different settings, Covid-19 Passport plays the same essential role – to keep people safe. Furthermore, thanks to extensive customization options, the solution can be utilized in virtually any scenario, across any industry.

Schools and the Covid-19 Passport

Each day, before going to school, students, teachers, and all other employees of the institution fill out the digital questionnaire. It only takes a few minutes. In the end, they get a score based on their answers, which determines whether it is safe for them to attend.

Thanks to real-time data sharing, schools know in advance who’s coming and who’s not. This proved especially helpful when a teacher must stay home based on the results. By receiving the information as soon as the questionnaire is filled out, schools can react immediately and have more time to find a substitute teacher or alter their class schedules.

Apart from the speed and user-friendliness of the solution, this is one of its biggest advantages – people can fill out the form in the safety of their homes. Before that, many schools asked students these questions in the morning as they arrived, which was quite risky. What if a student or teacher turns out to be potentially positive? Classes have been sent home immediately, and in some cases, the entire school had to shut down. Filling out a digital questionnaire away from the building, instead of asking the students the same questions face-to-face, reduces the risk of transmission, and helps to keep schools running in these challenging times.

Efficiency, flexibility, and safety in real-life scenarios

One of the first places taking advantage of the solution was a summer school with 50 kids. Before implementing the Covid-19 Passport, teachers checked the temperature of the kids every day. This method was ineffective and potentially dangerous.

First of all, fever is a common symptom of Covid-19 but is not necessarily present in carriers.

Secondly, the whole process was tremendously time-consuming as they checked the kids one by one. It took over an hour to check everybody. Something like this would be practically impossible in a bigger school with hundreds of students.

Several American banks utilize the Covid-19 Passport similarly. Employees fill out the questionnaire from their homes at the beginning of each day, which determines whether they can attend the workplace.

Key benefits of Covid-19 Passport

  • Speed: It takes just a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire and the schools/employers are immediately notified about the results
  • Ease of use: Users across all demographic groups can easily complete the digital form from their homes
  • Instant reporting: All data can be checked in real-time, enabling to act quickly upon an issue (for example, to find a replacement for a teacher or employee)
  • Flexibility: Organizations can easily add and delete questions and entire sections, to make the questionnaire fit their use case perfectly. They can also create additional forms and surveys (e.g. a sanitation checklist).

Eliminating virus spread not only with software

In November, we introduced our very first hardware product, NIVY Watch. The first smartwatch designed for professional use, it can be utilized also for precise indoor position mapping to ensure social distancing.

Utilizing NIVY Watch’s unique configuration options, the time of contact and distance can be freely extended and tailored to fit a variety of scenarios across industries. Furthermore, all data is securely archived, which can ensure reliable contact tracing, in case an employee tests positive.

Explore NIVY Watch in detail and get your evaluation kit here.

Learn more about Covid-19 Passport

You can explore our Covid-19 Passport in detail here or download a free COVID-19 Passport template to evaluate whether employees are fit for work or need a further medical check.

And if you’d like to see how it can fit your specific use case, make sure to book a tailored live demo.