Celebrating 20 years with 20 facts about Resco [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s been two whole decades since Resco first sprung to life. We decided to celebrate this anniversary with a few numbers & stats – check out our infographic.
Resco has grown into a large company throughout the years.
We’re also content lovers, delivering serious amount of information to you about the tech world, the world of business mobility, news from Resco, Microsoft Dynamics & Salesforce communities.
However, just like with every company, there are always “secrets” and facts that you don’t necessarily know about and that we would not usually share via our weekly newsletter. Yet there is no better time to look back and collect some interesting facts you might have not known about Resco.

20 random facts about Resco

The total number of lines of code for Resco’s offline capability is more than 23,000.
RESCO actually stands for “Remote Solutions Company“.
The youngest member of our team is only 16 years old.
The oldest is 57.
Resco was born in 1999 just like Salesforce. Microsoft Dynamics came to life in 2003.
For all 88 employees, there are 52 kids and 15 dogs.
The average age in the company is 33.
The female to male ratio is 1 to 5.
The most common names at Resco are Peter and Lucia.
The most popular drink among Resco’s employees is Whiskey. Beer got a close 2nd place.
Resco team eats approximately 100 kilos of fruit and vegetables and drinks 2143 coffee cups every month.
We can handle 60 FIFA matches per month at the office (of course after the working hours😊).
Resco consists of 32 development/operations & 36 business development team members.
In 2009, we had 909 customers and 11 partners. In 2019, it is 2,500+ customers and 500+ partners.
Resco runs a successful initiative called “Lepsia obec” (Better cities) in its homeland – Slovakia that helps municipalities and its residents to live smarter.
Do you know how many times people mistaken Resco for Tesco? We stopped counting.😊
Resco’s co-founders have also other passions than mobility. Including brewing beer, creating their very own wine liqueur or playing golf.
We are one of very few companies in Slovakia that are more popular in Western Europe and Northern America than in our home country.
Resco team is very sports-oriented. Almost 1/3 of employees ride a bike to work on a regular basis.
In 20 years, Resco has only had 2 CEOs. Quite unusual, don’t you think?
As with every anniversary, we need to wrap it all up with one thing though:
All of this, our successes, experiences and great time wouldn’t have been possible without you guys!
So, cheers to our 20th birthday, but mainly cheers to our amazing customers, partners and all allies who believe in Resco.
P.S. Celebrate with us at the 5th edition of the resco.next conference, coming to the eternal city of Rome this October. You can book you ticket here: www.resconext.com.

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