4 simple ways Resco Partners can make 2021 a year of success


2020 was a year of global challenges and changes. Despite it all, our partner network has seen a steady growth. We embarked on global partnerships with leading IT service providers and innovators, such as Avanade and Hitachi Solutions, and recognized our top partners in the second annual Resco Partner Awards.

2021 might be the year when we slowly start getting back to normal, but the future is still uncertain. Experts predict that digital transformation investments will double in the next two years, with 65% of global GDP digitalized by 2022. In the coming years, technology will play an even greater role in getting us all to the next “normal” – and this presents many opportunities for system integrators and VAR’s, which make up our 500+ strong partner network.

Here are four tips on how to be successful with Resco in 2021 and beyond so that you can help your customers accelerate their recovery and stay competitive.

1. Continue developing your Resco skills

Only when you know a product inside and out are you able to sell and implement it successfully. And that’s where Resco Academy steps in. Our online training platform has been up and running for more than a year now. Since then, dozens of partners have used it to get a better understanding of Resco solutions – both technically and business-wise.

A friendly reminder for those that earned a certificate around this time last year: it’s valid for one year, and there have been course updates since then, so make sure to renew it. Unsurprisingly, customers usually prefer working with partners that have an official stamp of approval. Being trained and certified will help you build long-term, trusted advisor relationships with your customers.

Apart from the academy, we have three more places where you can find knowledge and inspiration:

  • Resco Wiki: The primary source of documentation for Resco products. It’s perfect if you need to search for specific information quickly.
  • Template library: A useful resource for inspiration, where you can preview and download free checklists, forms, and reports.
  • Resco YouTube channel: Features dozens of in-depth technical and business webinars from Resco and partner experts.

2. Pull on the same end of the rope

The Resco platform is still one of the most flexible and configurable no-code/low-code solutions out there, able to accommodate practically any customer need, regardless of industry.

But over the years, we have noticed that our solutions have been especially transformative in certain sectors. That’s why in 2021, we’ll continue focusing on the sectors where we’ve seen the most success and the biggest potential:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Facility & Property Maintenance
  • HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
  • Professional Services

All of us will see more growth when our business priorities are aligned and when we work together on transforming specific sectors. Of course, you can still create a custom vertical solution for any other industry you might be a specialist in.

When it comes to solutions, Resco Inspections and Resco Field Service 2.0 will continue to be the stars of the show, with Inspections being developed further into a standalone solution for mobile field work. You can expect more innovative features that will propel our flagship product to an even broader audience.

Last but not least, there are Houston AR video calls – our new knowledge-sharing and AR collaboration tool, which makes guiding field workers easier, and the onboarding of new employees even more flexible.

For these industries and solutions, you can expect many marketing and sales assets (brochures, e-books, battlecards, and more), which will enable you to market, sell, upsell and cross-sell Resco solutions more effectively.

Feel free to reach out to your Resco Account Manager or partners@resco.net if you’re interested in a specific asset.

3. Move beyond phones and tablets

Phones and tablets have long been the standard devices when it comes to enterprise mobility. However,  more and more customers are looking to elevate their frontline workers’ operations. Ruggedized devices and headsets by Zebra, Caterpillar, Microsoft HoloLens, and RealWear are all able to run Resco solutions seamlessly.

And of course, it would be an injustice not to mention our very own smartwatch, Nivy Watch – a unique combination of specialized hardware and software optimized for professional use. This product offers an innovative platform for proactive partners. It enables you to analyze collected data with analytics tools (BI, data mining). Based on these insights, you can then provide further tailored professional services to your customers.

Contact us at niwywatch@resco.net and we will send you a NIVY Watch evaluation kit to try out.

Ultimately, this year is a good time to dive deeper into the capabilities of new devices and discover how Resco solutions can take their usability to a whole new level. Move beyond the classics, don’t get jumped by potential early adopters, and already have success stories when wearables become mainstream.

4. Leverage our Partner enablement resources, tools, and programs

Effectively communicating the value of products and services is a crucial factor for success. Take advantage of our Partner Marketing Program, designed to help you establish credibility, get more exposure, attract new customers, and position yourself as an innovative leader in the world of business mobility.

Don’t let the powerful ways we can support you in your marketing activities go to waste. The standard support that we offer to all partners, completely free of charge, includes:

  • Resco website listing
  • Partnership press release
  • Resco Partner Marketplace listing
  • Partner spotlight in our blogs and newsletter
  • Written customer success story
  • Joint webinar

Special co-marketing packages are also available to partners who meet specified criteria:

  • Paid Linkedin advertising
  • Video customer success story
  • Smartwatches with Resco apps
  • Microsoft HoloLens with Resco apps
  • Partner event
  • Webinar with paid promotion and targeting

Learn more about the value of these co-marketing packages and how you can access them here.

Let’s make 2021 our year

If you follow these tips, we are confident that together we can make 2021 an exceptionally successful year for you and your customers.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any partner-related questions and requests at partners@resco.net.