Has Microsoft curtailed offline functionality of the Dynamics 365 mobile app?


Looking into mobility for Microsoft Dynamics 365? Then you might have noticed the note that appeared in the documentation for their Dynamics 365 mobile application just a couple of days ago:

“We’re working to improve mobile offline capabilities in Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets for release in the second quarter of 2019, and are currently onboarding only a limited set of new customers. When a preview program opens for mobile offline capabilities in Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets, we’ll let customers know. Existing customers who are already using mobile offline capabilities are not affected.”

So what does this actually mean? And why is this under-the-radar announcement in fact a noteworthy turn of events?

Simply put: Microsoft has effectively “turned off” the offline functionality of the Dynamics 365 app for phones and tablets. New customers won’t be able to work with the app without Internet connection at least until April 2019, when offline capabilities are said to return in some shape or form.

Adding offline capabilities to mobile clients has been a persistent trend with Microsoft over the past few years. But the current situation highlights the words of Resco’s CEO, Radomir Vozar, who already two years ago noted:

“In our opinion, offline is not a capability, which can be easily added to an online CRM app. Offline doesn’t only mean to add a local database support, providing the CRM data when the app is disconnected. Offline means that all the features and functionalities of the mobile CRM app are available also when the app is disconnected – with no limitations. Therefore, the logic of every feature must be developed and implemented to the mobile app independently from the server. Otherwise, a feature will simply not work when the app is disconnected.”

Resco’s mobile client has been designed for offline usage, since the very beginning of its development and we see it as its core feature. Since we believe a mobile CRM app is supposed to be a key tool of every sales or service professional, Resco Mobile CRM is ready to serve all Dynamics 365 customers whenever and wherever they happen to be – with or without Internet connection.

Make sure to check out www.resco.net for a complete overview of Resco Mobile CRM and its full offline functionality, or ask us directly through Resco Support portal.