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Winter Update of Resco Mobile CRM is Coming to Town

Bratislava, Slovakia — December 14, 2016 — Resco has just released the Winter Update of Resco Mobile CRM with 30+ hot new features.

The Winter Update is here!

Reinforced security features, re-designed AdvancedFind editor, smoother handling of e-mail and chat communication, numerous extensions to the app’s customization options, and more are all part of the latest release.

And as the company continues to deliver cutting-edge mobile solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce and Oracle CX, the recently added support of screen reader technology also stands out — enabling even visually impaired users to enjoy the benefits of Resco Mobile CRM.

With that, The Winter Update — which is the final major release of Resco Mobile CRM planned for 2016 — brings the total to 140+ new capabilities introduced over the course of this year.

What’s new in the Resco Mobile CRM Winter Update 2016:


VoiceOver screen reader support (iOS) — Resco Mobile CRM now utilizes the screen reader technology built into iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Watch to enable visually impaired people use the app

Click to select in picklist (Android, iOS) — users don’t need to scroll through a picklist, pick their desired option and then close the picklist to complete the selection; instead, if they see the option they are looking for, they can select it with just one tap

Import phone number into any field with phone call format (Android) — users can now select into which field they want to save the phone number they’re importing; for example, e.g. Office, Mobile, Home number or any custom field with phone call format

Always show cancel button (Windows 10) — users don’t need to scroll through a lengthy dialog window with all the actions available to get to the Cancel button, which is now always available at the bottom of the screen

Print files (Windows 10) — print any file type — like images, signatures, text, and PDF documents — directly from the Resco app also on Windows 10 devices

Simplified date selection (Desktop) — the date editor can be “zoomed out” to month and year selector, so users are able to select the date faster

Maximize camera dialog (Desktop) — the camera dialog can be maximized to full-screen and the last used mode is remembered by the app


Multifactor authentication — Resco Mobile CRM can now provide multi-factor authentication utilizing the OAuth 2 authorization framework

Pre-fill login information — from URL to Username and even the Password field, system admins can use the mobile device management (MDM) capabilities to pre-fill some (or even all) of the login credentials for users; e.g. when the user installs the app on his/hers device the URL and Username can be already filled out and all that there’s left to do is to enter the password


All/Unread Only button — for faster navigation, we’ve added a new toggle button to the right side of the search bar in the e-mail inbox view — tapping on the “Envelope” changes the view and shows only the unread messages; tap it again and all e-mails in your inbox will appear again

Automatically show keyboard when writing a new e-mail — users don’t need to tap the body of the message when replying or writing a new e-mail; the cursor is already placed there once they hit the “New message” or “Reply” button and the keyboard will appear automatically, so they can immediately start typing

Show unread count — a notification badge on the Inbox folder on Home Form shows users how many unread e-mails they have

Mark e-mail as read timer — in the app’s Setup section users can select the amount of time after which Mobile CRM will automatically mark new e-mails as read


Eliminate duplicate appointments — if the users synchronized their MS Exchange appointments both to Resco Mobile CRM and the device’s built-in calendar, and also synced the device calendar with Mobile CRM, duplicate appointments appeared in the Mobile CRM’s calendar; now the app can detect duplicates and if it encounters an appointment that’s both in the user’s Exchange and device calendar, it will show it only once in the Resco Mobile CRM calendar

Sync appointments by date — Resco Mobile CRM synchronizes Exchange appointments by their scheduled end date; the sync is fully configurable — by default, all future appointments, plus appointments from the past two weeks will be synchronized to the app’s calendar; Exchange appointment sync configuration is also separate from Exchange e-mail sync setup


Push notifications re-done and added sounds — the push notifications delivering a notification for new messages in the in-app chat have been rewritten and now include a sound signal

Channel browser — provides an overview and selection of the chat channels in which the user can have conversations; these channels can be associated either with users (e.g. a private conversation between person A & B), specific CRM records (channel created to discuss a particular record, e.g. an opportunity, where multiple users can be added to the communication), or standalone channels without association to any particular records (two or more people exchanging information)

Upload file dialog — when users send an attachment they can see its details first, e.g. when you add a photo you will see the file overview — its name, file type, size, etc. — before you hit Send
Simple survey — enables users to create simple polls and surveys directly within the channels and allows other users to instantly vote for one or more of the provided answers

Show unread count — similarly to e-mails, notification badges on the Home Form show users how many unread messages they have in each channel


Calculate subtotals for sales entities — on entities, such as Orders, Quotes, etc., the app now calculates the partials along with the final results; for example, users can view the prices with or without tax, shipping costs, wholesale discounts, etc. simply within the dedicated fields on the form

Fix total field when only removing products — when the products were just removed for Order, Quote, Opportunity or Invoice, there was a bug in the calculation of total amount which is now fixed


Marketing lists — users can now create marketing lists in Resco Mobile CRM, utilizing the handy multi-selection of records

Convert campaign response — when a potential customer replies to a message sent as part of a marketing e-mail campaign, the user can immediately convert this reply into a new case or opportunity


Update map on form when address is changed — when the user changes the address of a Contact, Account or any other entity and a map view is also used on the form, the map will automatically use the new address data to instantly show the updated location

AdvancedFind editor

Simplified AdvancedFind editor — to make using AdvancedFind easier and more user friendly, the app dialog and inline editor for creating conditions now requires significantly less user interaction and clicks to properly define the lookup conditions

Form rules

Media tab form rules — in Woodford new rule properties — IsLoaded, IsDirty, IsEmpty and Caption — are now available for the app’s Media tab

New conditions in rules — PartyListContains and DoesNotContain form rule conditions in Woodford enable to add special fields to records, and further filter and work with them based on interested parties


Inter-application communication — using an URL Schema architecture, data from third-party applications can be transferred into Resco Mobile CRM and processed via JavaScript

Show MultiLookup from JavaScript Bridge — when utilizing JavaScript, you can now open a dialog to select multiple records, so in scenarios requiring this type of user input you can utilize Resco’s standard UI and don’t have to recreate it via HTML

Prevent IFrames from closing through JavaScript Bridge — to not lose unsaved changes on IFrame forms, you can indicate via JavaScript that the form contains ‘dirty’ data so users will be notified to save their modifications before they close the form


Extended Configuration options — with ShowMap, ShowDashboard and SendMeetingInvites properties in Woodford, system admins can set whether the users can disable maps and dashboards or send meeting invitations from the app

PublishAll projects button  —  publish all mobile projects with one click in Woodford; it eliminates the possibility of errors that may occur if admins put out a child project without having its parent project published as well

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Resco Mobile CRM is the all-in-one mobile solution that gives users around-the-clock access to CRM data wherever they are. It can be utilized as a mobile client for CRM systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle CX, Salesforce, or as a standalone CRM system. It offers full offline functionality, interactive maps, support of custom entities & many other capabilities that make it the product people love to use.

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