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Summer Update of Resco Inspections delivers simplified implementation, new analytics tools and more

Bratislava, Slovakia – June 26, 2019 – Resco, the leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, has released the Summer Update 2019 of Resco Inspections.

In addition to the new capabilities introduced in Resco’s Mobile Business Apps platform, the Summer Update brings multiple Inspections-specific enhancements. Among them, a brand-new analytics component and an Inspections Configurator built directly into Woodford, so partners and customers can now effortlessly implement Inspections into their existing mobile projects.

Deeper analysis of collected data

To expand the analytics and evaluation capabilities of Resco Inspections, a brand-new Result Viewer component has been added. It enables users to easily list, filter, view and read the answers from completed questionnaires. On top of that, the results can be effortlessly exported in a CSV format for further analysis in third-party tools and systems.

Furthermore, the Results Viewer can be added directly to enterprise systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce. So, if there are any completed questionnaires related to a record, it will be displayed on the record’s form, utilizing the Results Viewer layout.

Inspections for any mobile project

In order to make the first experience of using Inspections as simple as possible, a special wizard has been introduced on Woodford’s Inspections tab. It helps system admins with implementing Inspections in any type of mobile project – even into mobile sales or field service projects.

The wizard guides admins through the entire setup process. It will create the Questionnaires item on the Home screen of the mobile app and enables to add questionnaires to any entity form. Admins can also choose whether they will utilize pre-defined demo questionnaires or create their own in the Inspections Designer.

All question types in a single template and more

A new generic questionnaire template has been added. It contains all question types, so users can immediately test and see the behavior of each question type, without having to set up the questionnaire themselves.

What else is new in Resco Inspections?

Detailed list of new capabilities from Resco Inspections’ Summer Update 2019 available here.


The Summer Update 2019 of Resco Inspections is available to all partners and customers from June 16 , 2019.

Download the new version of Woodford here.

Get the new version of the Resco Inspections app for iOS, Android, or Windows.

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