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Summer release of Resco Mobile CRM brings advanced mobility also for Oracle CX and Salesforce users

Possibility to seamlessly connect the mobile client with Oracle CX and Salesforce, Exchange appointments integration, redesigned in-app chat, customizable search view, voice control and extended JavaScript support are just a few of 30+ new capabilities from the Summer release of Resco Mobile CRM

Bratislava, Slovak Republic — June 23, 2016 — Resco has just released the Summer update of Resco Mobile CRM, delivering new features which enhance all parts of the solution — from the mobile app, to the Resco CRM server backend.

Among the most significant new additions the possibility to integrate the mobile client with two major CRM systems, other than Microsoft Dynamics CRM, stands out:

“Companies running on Oracle CX and Salesforce can now also connect the Resco Mobile CRM app with their systems seamlessly — simply by typing in their CRM URL and login credentials, just like people utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM are used to doing,” described Miro Pomsar, CTO at Resco.

Coupled with expanded reporting, route planning and calendar features, enhanced Exchange support, redesigned in-app chat, voice control, extended JavaScript support and other new capabilities, Resco delivered a set of 30+ improvements designed to further simplify the work of mobile professionals everywhere.

All of the new additions that come with the Resco Mobile CRM Summer Release are available for free to all existing customers and partners.

What’s new?


  • Oracle CX support — companies can connect Resco Mobile CRM to Oracle Sales Cloud (part of Oracle CX solutions) and work with their data on the go, just as easily as it is with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Salesforce — businesses can also seamlessly integrate Resco Mobile CRM with Salesforce to provide access to CRM data for their mobile workforce


  • Individual permissions requests (Android M) — the app asks individually for permissions to access particular functionality when required, e.g. permission to access camera when scanning a barcode, permission to access contacts stored on the device when importing contact information from user’s phone to CRM
  • Fingerprint login (Android M) — users don’t need to bother with elaborate passwords and can simply log in to Mobile CRM with their fingerprint
  • Voice control (Windows 10) — users can control the application using voice commands to Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana; for example just by saying “create record” the app will generate a new CRM record
  • Audio recording & playback (Windows 10) — users can record audio files, attach them to records and play them back, all directly within the application; e.g. they don’t need to write down notes during a meeting they can record it instead
  • Make calls from desktop version (Windows 10) — users can make calls directly from the desktop version of the Resco Mobile CRM app utilizing Skype

Route planning, Calendar & Exchange integration

  • Any entity on route plan — users can define any type of default or custom entity as the outcome of route planning
  • Any entity on calendar — calendar can now show not only activities, but any other entities as well; for example users can display a new opportunity in calendar to ensure they won’t miss its due date
  • Flip view to calendar — any view can be flipped to calendar, bringing even more context to the information; furthermore users can now also see the calendar among other entities on their dashboard or as an associated tab
  • Show & Import appointments from Microsoft Exchange — users can access their Exchange appointments in the mobile app with direct integration
  • Send appointment meeting requests — further leveraging the integration with Exchange, users can also create and send appointment meeting requests directly from Resco Mobile CRM, which they and other recipients can see and work with also in Exchange


  • MS Word & HTML offline reports — Resco Mobile CRM can now generate not just offline reports as PDFs, but in MS Word document and HTML formats as well

User interface

  • Search View — custom views can be defined for searching; e.g. when users type into the search bar while viewing ‘My accounts’, the app will look for the search term in all available accounts or in the subset defined by the search view
  • Redesigned chat — an entirely new approach to Resco chat, with redesigned user interface and simplified adding of attachments, for even smoother communication & collaboration; now supported also with the standalone Resco CRM server
  • Configure text edit as DropDown or DropDownList — users can utilize drop down lists for quicker editing of text fields, for example, when filling in the ‘City’ field on an address form the app can offer a list of cities and towns in the area the user is responsible for; when set up as DropDown, users can type in their own text into the field or choose from the listed options and when set up as DropDownList they can only pick from the listed options
  • Multiple views on Order details — to get a clearer breakdown of an order, users can utilize customized views on Order details; for example, they can view only the products from a particular order, which are purchased at full price
  • Use filter/sort on Order details — users can also filter/sort records on order details, e.g. to find out about products that are in stock, so they can inform the clients, which of the ordered will be shipping first
  • Default images — the app will display a default image on a list in case there is no data image is available, e.g. if there’s no specific image for a particular product, the app can display a general icon same for all products
  • Editable images — for simplified visual navigation, users can tap the images on lists to choose from options on picklists, e.g. when classifying an opportunity, a sales rep can click the icon displayed next to its name on a list and change its status to hot, warm, or cold
  • Validate child entities — system admins can set up the app in the Woodford configurator to validate the child entity based on parent entity (for sales order and work order), for example to confirm the discount a customer will be given on his/her order

JavaScript support

  • Run report from JavaScript — the application enables users to run reports even from a completely customized interface created with JavaScript
  • Send e-mails & attachments from JavaScript — the app now also allows users to send e-mail messages with attachments from a custom JavaScript interface
  • Dynamics CRM JavaScript partial compatibility — translate JavaScript written for Dynamics CRM to Resco Mobile CRM more easily


  • New Default Project — Woodford contains a handy pre-configured project that showcases the best Resco features, from interactive maps, to adjustable filters and sorting, route planning, phone call and e-mail tracking, multimedia support, barcode & QR code scanning, the app’s full offline mode and more


  • Partial device wins strategy — if the same record has been modified both via the app and on the CRM server since the last synchronization, only the fields modified through the app will be changed on the server
  • Full Device Wins — if the same record has been modified both via the app and on the CRM server since the last synchronization, all the fields of that record will be changed on the server according to the app
  • Synchronization error localization — admins can include customized text in sync error messages, that can guide users to faster solve the problem
  • Background synchronization speedup

Resco CRM server

  • Default field service configuration — the standalone Resco CRM server comes with a new pre-defined configuration for field technicians, complete with service work order and demo data
  • Default sales configuration — the server also contains an updated default sales configuration with sample data illustrating a sales scenario usage
  • Create trial organization from the app — create a free organization for testing purposes on the Resco CRM server directly from the Resco Mobile CRM application

About Resco Mobile CRM

Resco Mobile CRM is the all-in-one mobile solution that gives users around-the-clock access to CRM data wherever they are. It can be utilized as a mobile client to CRM systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle CX, Salesforce, or as a standalone CRM system. It offers offline capabilities, interactive maps, support of custom entities & many other attributes that make it the product people love to use.

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