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Security update: NCC Group’s analysis confirms Resco’s airtight security

Bratislava, Slovakia – November 28, 2018 – In today’s digital world understanding the risks an organization and its customers are exposed to is more important than ever. That’s why Resco, commissioned NCC Group to assess the security of its Resco Mobile CRM solution. NCC Group is an independent global expert in cyber security and risk mitigation. They work with companies to protect their brand, value, and reputation against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

After conducting a detailed analysis, the NCC Group’s security report concluded that Resco Mobile CRM presents a strong security posture that is appropriate to the business data which requires protection.

NCC’s analysts chose the white box approach for the assessment which consisted of reviewing the source code of Resco’s mobile application. Along with the mobile app they reviewed the associated web service API components that combine to form the solution. This approach was preferred over a black box assessment as it allowed for a more thorough evaluation. This resulted in the identification of a wider range of potential vulnerabilities.

Following the initial review, Resco were swift to act upon the identified risks. Resco by implemented a programme of remedial actions in order to mitigate potential issues. Two rounds of additional re-testing were subsequently performed by the NCC Group in order to thoroughly assess the effectiveness of the remediation. These re-tests concluded that the most significant potential risks had been successfully addressed. A small number of other questions were determined to be of importance to the security posture of the solution.

Resco Mobile CRM has been stacked with numerous security features throughout the years. From a fully encrypted local database, advanced mobile app management capabilities, biometric authentication and many more. With this comprehensive assessment we’re delivering on the promise of our roadmap for the solution to be reviewed by an independent security authority. NCC’s thorough analysis pointed out additional potential issues that our team addressed immediately. Making the solution even more secure for our users. Customers and partners around the world may rest easy, knowing with Resco their data is always safe and sound.
– Miro Pomsar, CTO at Resco noted.

Download NCC Group’s detailed Resco Mobile CRM Security Assessment here.

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